Monday, July 23, 2012

Block Party

Beth's Drops 85-11, front
Well, last night was blocking night. I really do enjoy blocking - seeing what you've knit transform and unfurl into what it's meant to be.

Westknits Rockefeller Clue 2

I also swatched for a new strip for my next SweetSpot afghan. It's Family Pendragon, Fae Lite colourway.

I'm not sure if I am going to have an official Ravellinic Games project ... I have these 3 things on the go and am going to be casting on a new project for Elise. I think that juggling these will have me quite busy enough without adding a self-imposed deadline that will put a halt to progress on one or more of these.

Saturday was beach day. My sister came up with my niece and we headed to Wasaga. Now, I did give some thought to walking in sand but perhaps I didn't think it through as thoroughly as perhaps I should have. Not that it would have mattered - I'd've gone anyway, but still. Damn - walking on the extra fine & shifty sand of Wasaga took a whole lot of concentrating and slow, deliberate movements. I didn't wreck anything but I am back to feet up. It was a gorgeous day and totally worth it!!

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