Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Walking Day

The surgery took longer than than expected - 7.5 hours as instead of 5.5-6. But I'm glad that Dr. Hofer wasn't a clock watcher but took his time to get all done as it should be. To this point everything seems to be healing well.

Yesterday (Day 1 post-op) was sitting in a chair day. Yeah, it doesn't sound like much until you have a new and keen awareness for every muscle in your stomach and upper right chest, in addition to to surface pain when the actual incisions are. But I did that and survived. Today was walking day, no arguments. Apparently blood clots, pneumonia and bed sores are quite a serious concern and I am nothing if not mostly compliant so I walked.
I had signed up to participate in a TAP pain management study. Here's a link to the actual study - trés cool! It's a double blind so no one knows if I'm getting excellent drugs or just a placebo but I seriously think that I'm getting the real deal. The nurse this morning was impressed to no end with my getting out of bed on my own and going around the whole ward on my own. And while I'd like to believe I could've done it with just the Morphine I think it should hurt more than it does. I'm thrilled with the intervention for helping me be able to get on with healing.
I was migrainey & nauseous this morning but Zomig & Gravol sorted that - I'm much better this afternoon. Sitting up, knitting, flipping through some knitting magazines that Helen brought by, watching LoTR and just dozing off. There is still some sensations of lightheadedness and lack of concentration but that I chalk up to the drugs and my body's overwhelming desire to heal. I pay heed ... and am drinking lots of water.

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  1. Anonymous3:37 AM

    Glad to hear things are coming along well. Continued prayers for fast healing and less pain.

  2. Anonymous7:40 AM

    It's nice to see that your doing all the stuff you like to do,,,and I see the ipad is working for you.

    Keep on healing sista friend :)

  3. Yay for good drugs! And yay for quick healing. Sleeping and walking are the only jobs you have right now.

  4. Anonymous7:49 AM

    I'm sending positive thoughts your way for a speedy and as easy recovery as possible. Take things easy and be kind to yourself! If you don't feel up to knitting, I find that sometimes just fondling a lovely skein of yarn can work! - Wanda

  5. good drugs are always good - glad to hear things are progressing well!