Tuesday, June 26, 2012


So ... Day 12 post op. 

Not pretty but healing is a slow process; I'm not in a hurry. There is still significant bruising on the "patch" on the breast but it doesn't hurt - it never has. There is a tightness/tugging on the upper pecs and an overall numbishness. The swelling is going down and I still love that the shape is back!! And I love my new belly button!!

Either Bonita or Simone come twice a week - I change my own dressing in between. I totally missed my calling!!

I have made excellent progress on my Starbucks Socks. The difference between the more vertical patterning on the leg and the lovely swirling patterning on the foot is 1 stitch. I know ... I love the swirling so I will be making that adjustment on the 2nd sock. You know me - I'm about the fraternal twin socks.

 Day 15 post op. Improvement. I am truly trying very hard not to lift more than 10lbs. But needs must and even lifting too much of a lighter weight or reaching too much gives me cause to feel the deep stitches. It will be awhile before I can do Cobra Pose again. I am pretty much on my own but I don't have much to do but it doesn't take much for it to be too much.

 Both Simone & I are quite puzzled by the thin swirling red marks that begin at the base of my stomach and trail up to the inside of each breast. They itch & I have been putting calamine lotion on it which is effective.

They must be from the TAP catheters but neither one of us can fathom how the marks are appearing on the skin surface when the catheters were always internal. How Bizarre. I will be mentioning it to the surgeon when I see him next week for my follow-up.

I still love my new belly button!!! I know, I'm easily amused!!


  1. But it's such NICE belly button!

    Thank you, thank you for sharing the photos. You area brave and generous woman. Now, if any of us have similar surgery, we have an idea of what to expect.

    So foot surgery, too? You are a glutton for punishment. What does your foot need to have done? It's a good idea to get it done while you still have antibiotics in your system.

  2. Linda S.11:15 PM

    I've been on a similar journey with a younger cousin of my husband's - in her 40's. Terrible nerve damage and pain lingers after multiple surgeries and chemo and radiation. It is gruelling and both she and you have done remarkably well navigating through these experiences. Not easy though...hard won victories. I wish you more good outcomes.

  3. Thank you Linda - I wish well for your cousin. It's a tough row to hoe and some days it's hard to know where the strength will come from. But then there's a kiss or an email or remembering a word and you make it through a second then a minute then an hour. <3