Sunday, June 17, 2012

One Drain Out

So the nurse came today to change the abdominal dressing - while the nurses sent me home without any on Dr. Hofer's orders were clear. While conventional wisdom is to allow the wound to air out if it's not open, many surgeons prefer their work to heal over a longer time under a moist barrier Jelonet, perhaps to reduce scarring. I'm certainly not going to question the good Dr.'s directives.

 She also removed the left abdominal drain. I didn't realize it was like the Tardis - bigger on the inside than the outside. Anyway, it wasn't so horrible once it was done. Anyone can handle about 3-5 seconds of most any amount of pain. It was cool once it was out - the length from the suture threads was inside me. The wide part is perforated to improve drainage. Cool. This would also explain the uncomfortably strange pain I get when I "milk" the drainage line. More information than you needed/wanted but all knowledge is worth having. 

  Tapewormesque drainage tube. 
 Sorry - pic won't orient correctly.

I went for a 1/2 hour walk this morning. I am the tortoise but as a friend pointed out, slow & steady wins the race. I have spent the rest of the day resting. I knit a few rows and might do more after another walk - the rain is holding off. But I am most likely going to just knit and watch a movie or two; I remain deeply exhausted and my entire abdomen aches.

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