Thursday, June 28, 2012

Corrective Measures

When I met with the surgeon a few months ago he drew this plan on my foot. Yes, I think that he may have been a football or hockey coach at one time. My family Dr. called it a bone spur; a rose by any other name hurts as much. Even running shoes cause pain and I'm just too young to wear only sensible shoes. Besides, it's affecting the structure of my toes so it's only a matter of time before it would be a more involved surgery.

So I am going to have a bunionectomy and 1st metatarsal osteotomy done next Thursday. I am healing well from the DIEP Flap reconstruction and I can run the two recoveries concurrently so that I should be able to return to work on schedule with maybe only some duty modifications. And with seriously curbed mobility perhaps I will be not as inclined to push my limited limits. It truly is revealing how much even the smallest movements require deep core muscles.


  1. Bless your dear heart! You are really going through the mill, aren't you? This will be a year to refer to in later life. "Yes, this is tough, but it's not like 2012, thank God!"

    May you have deft surgeons and loving nurses. May you have lots of post-surgical care, and may you heal fast!

  2. I see your logic in doing it all at once - I'll be thinking of you and envying you the down time, if not the recovery aspect! Cheers!