Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Thank for all the support & SmileyCentral.com - it seemed like it was going to be such a long journey back in July and now that treatment is over it seems like it's been a whirlwind! Now I need to adjust my mind set from "getting through" to "moving on" and while this will be another long/short journey I know that I will be equal to this task as well ... with the support of my friends!!

I met up with my friend Joan on Saturday for lunch and a knitting afternoon. She surprised me with a "Celebration Scarf" from the Toronto Spiders Back to Back team!! Everyone contributed - spinning and/or knitting - to a scarf that I can feel the love in. There's a square with a bit of sparkle, awesome variegated sections with fleece that was donated by Louet and OMG - check out the bottom LF square (or RH as you're looking at it SmileyCentral.com) ... yes, it's a spider!!! You ladies rock - we've won & lost the B2B title together and now we're winning the battle against (breast) cancer together! I'm especially looking forward to our Challenge & Relay for Life this year ... no matter how hot it is I'll be wearing my Celebration Scarf. Thank you my friends!!!


  1. It takes a rocker to know a rocker!

  2. Wahoodly!! Dang. That scarf looks good on you! Can't wait to shred (oh okay, challenge) our Challenge competition again this year (assuming Homeland Security lets me out!!) and take another World Title with you. Yippee!!! xoxo L:

  3. The scarf is A-1. You are one tough cookie.

  4. great scarf - not just in looks, but meaning.
    I've knit that spider pattern into a sweater for my kid - still one of his favourites.
    you rock, woman.