Wednesday, March 9, 2011


"Salt is what makes things taste bad when it isn't in them."

Salt is amazing. Our bodies use it as an electrolyte; it helps operate & maintain our nervous system & muscles and aids in regulating our blood pressure. We have a constant balancing act going on inside the scenes without even knowing it! Just like in food though, if we are suffering from a salt deficiency (or there's too much salt) there is no doubt and we'll know about it!

There is a remarkable choice of scented, seasoned & smoked salts available. I have wanted to experiment with some of them & challenge my taste buds a bit. Mostly I just use "regular" sea salt; I'm not a fan of the iodized table salt.
When I crave snacks I mostly lean towards sweet so when I do crave something salty I kind of have to go on the prowl and usually end up with cheese. LOL!!

When I started radiation I was given a "recipe" for a saline solution that I was told would help if (when) I started getting sores & peeling. I've been diligent in using the Glaxal Base Cream & everything was going along so well I thought that I was going to be a lucky minority that didn't burn/peel. But I kept it but kind of discounted it - I mean really, 1tsp of salt in 2 cups of water? It seemed kind of placebo-ish to me. But I am nothing if not cooperative & compliant and there will come a point when I will try most anything that doesn't reek of snake oil.

I was wrong!!!

I stand - happily - corrected!! Over the weekend several small sores popped up - little blisters that burst & opened when I scratched. I know, I tried not to but even just rubbing the itches was too much for the sensitive skin. And, even though my humble B-cups aren't much, they are enough that when they are left "au naturel" (which I've been doing because bras are just too much for the aforementioned sensitive skin) there is enough a small area that is chaffing.
I made up a "batch" of the saline soak and it is perfectly soothing! There is just enough salt left behind after air drying that the sores dry up a bit and the itching is relieved! I really think that this might be my new home remedy for regular sun burns!!

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  1. Thank God for simple solutions!(pun intended) Sounds like you could use a course of sea bathing.