Monday, April 4, 2011


Thanks Rox - I'm nothing if not a highly suggestible lemming!!
I have decided to join the A-Z Blogging Challenge to get me back into the habit of Daily Blogging. There might not always be pictures but we'll see what I can do. There may even be days where I blog twice if I can't work my knitting/life into the letter of the day.
I don't think that there will be a theme - the word that I chose may be a quality that I have, wish to cultivate, admire in others, a word that makes me happy or one of those words that m
akes no sense at all. There may even be words that are names.

A is for Acquisitions
With a move in my future I have been taking stock of just how much I've acquired. Whether it's been purchased, traded or gifted I'm trying to make decisions on what it means to me. I'm a sentimental person and I love the memories that a lot of my things evoke but being an avid Hoarders watche
r I am mentally planning a lot of culling. The yarn & books will be quite safe, but even there I have room to pass on love.

B is for Blame
I loved reading the Berenstain Bears and the Blame Game when the kids were little. It probably wouldn't hurt to keep reading it for them. So much time & energy - whether it's at work or home - is spent wasted trying to not take the blame, finding ways of making "whatever" someone else's fault instead of working out how to fix the problem or compromise towards moving forward. Sometimes there just is no blame, shit happens and it's time to get to the resolution of the issue and stop trying to find more faults.
It's similar to what Dr. Phil calls it "right fighting". I don't mean not fighting for your rights, or not advocating for yourself just to be agreeable, but right-fighting just to be the "winner" of an argument. It's the mentality behind it that is exhausting & self-defeating; arguing for arguments sake with no value added.
Lesson: Is it worth it? Pick your battles.

C is for Children

How could it not be? My children make me so proud. They push my buttons, drive me crazy and totally act their ages but they are amazing. They balk & butt heads but they are they for each other (and me) when the chips are down. They are both so sm
art and beautiful, I can see the potential that they have and I know that they'll get anywhere that they want to go. I just love them.

D is for Dexterity

As knitters (and crafters in general) we need a fair amount of fine-motor dexterity; more than the average person. We don't think about it, we just do it. I've thought a lot more about it since the surgery on my thumb and losing a significant amount of that dexterity.
An opposable thumb separates us from lower forms of life. It provides both power & precision to our hands and everything has been a challenge - knitting, zippers, buttons (buttoning buttons & pushing buttons on remotes), holding a cup, handling money, turning keys, learning to push the space bar on the keyboard with my left thumb, holding a pen ... it goes on & on.
But I'm determined (bonus D word!!!) and adaptable and even though it's been about a month I'm still missing & looking forward to the return of full dexterity!


  1. Great words! This is gonna be a fun month!

  2. I badly strained my left thumb back in school, and had to spend a couple of weeks with it taped to my hand. Total loss of opposable thumb, and on my dominant hand. I truly felt like a lower form of life - the things I had to ask people to do for me!!
    If moving, any plans on York Region? You know our Guild would welcome you with open arms...

  3. No plans yet ... trying to let go of "stuff" is about the most groundwork I can lay right now. LOL!!

  4. Great idea to get the blogging juices flowing! Can't say I envy you the moving, but the letting go of stuff is so liberating...