Monday, March 7, 2011

Same Old

No pics, nothing's changed, nothing's new. Not that I'm complaining - I'm just fine with nothing new!!!
I still have a significant amount of pain in my thumb that radiates into my hand at about 4 hours post-pain meds. Between the T3's during the day & Percs at night (they're better for sleeping) the pain is manageable at least. But even though I do as little as I can, just doing the minimum during the day has me to my limit and exhausted by the end of the day. It's hard to say how much is the thumb, radiation and just the stress of my life but with the help of Amanda, Kyle & all my friends the load is does not exceed maximum capacity.

I have not even tried knitting yet - just holding a pen when I have to is painful! When the pain subsides enough I will adapt to a knitting style that suits & I'll let you know! I've been just watching TV/DVR/Netflix, reading some - flicking pages with my right hand requires thought and patience - but mostly just vegging, which, for all who know me know that this goes against my grain. Even typing is slow because it hurts to use my thumb (and even using the other fingers on my right hand affects my thumb ... sigh).


  1. In a year, when you get a papercut or a torn cuticle, you will be grateful that it isn't worse, because you KNOW how much worse it can get. Try audio books. It's wonderful to have someone read to you.

    Hugs to Kyle and Amanda!

  2. The tendons for all the finges are 'yoked' together, so even though you aren't using the thumb, if you use those fingers, it'll pull on the thumb. Which sucks. take your painkillers and veg, as contrary as that is to what you want to do!