Friday, March 11, 2011

Worth the Price

Holly - only a slightly disturbing picture today.

Dr. Dickie just called. My first thought was that he was just following up on the infection, but no ... the pathology report came in & instead of waiting until my appt Monday he called. The sweetest words that a man has said to me in a long time, "No melanomic indications."

Relief!! Peace of mind carries a high price this time but it is totally worth it!! The infection will clear up, the nail will grow back and an acrylic "reinforcement" will cover any resulting imperfections but I will not have to wonder what that line was.

The redness & swelling have not gone down yet but it's only 24 hours in so that's okay. I've been going old-school & low-tech - soaking it in salty water, keeping it covered and icing it a bit to try to relieve the swelling and "fever". Percs are keeping me from crying and I'm knitting a wee bit to keep from going right 'round the bend.

I'll still go see Dr. D. on Monday to follow up on the (better be healing) infection and get the stitches out.


  1. Looks unbelievably painful, but so glad to know there's nothing sinister lurking there!

    And I love that you are finding ways to knit - just can't keep us down!

  2. Yay for good news! Hooray for modern medicine AND for low-tech care!Sending healing thoughts, prayers and vibes your way!!