Sunday, October 25, 2009

Watching TAR 15 with Wannietta - VI

Meghan & Cheyne are out of the gate at 8:17 AM and off to find the Dubai Yacht Club.
This Roadblock is for one of the team members rowing a dingy out to a yacht, receiving a watch, rowing back and then realizing that the code to open the briefcase that they chose at the beginning of this leg is the time on the watch - 8:35.
Brian & Erika are out at 9:59 followed by the Globetrotters at 10:42.
Big Easy has summed up the climate by repeating the word "Hot".
Matt & Gary are hot (no pun intended) on their heels at 10:45
Cheyne has his watch and has opened the the briefcase with no problem to get their next clue - off to the Abra Station - a water taxi port - for their next clue.
Brian is trying to get the hang of rowing a dingy.
Sam & Dan are off at 11:34.
Big Easy & Flight Time's cabbie have taken them to the wrong marina.
Brian and Erika have no trouble with the lock code.
Awwww - Brian has a blister!
Gary's off in his dingy and is laying on his stomach to row is canoe-style-ish.
Detour - Gold or Glass
Teams have to either weigh out exactly $500,000 worth of gold
Gold BricksGold Coins - based on a constantly changing gold exchange rate or assemble 12 hookahs from parts in a crate.
Maria & Tiffany are next to depart at 11:47 AM.
Mika & Canaan are the final team out at 11:54 - 3:37 after the lead team.
Big Easy is going to row for their team - definitely out of his element in the water!!
Meghan & Cheyne have chosen the hookahs - while I think that it would be easier than the gold weighing, it's not easy; all of the hookahs are different.
BE & Dan are rowing with his hands!!!
Meghan is losing her cool real fast on this task.
Brian & Erika have decided to go for the gold.
FT tells BE to "Do it for the 'hood!" so Sam tells Dan to "Do it for the suburbs!"
The Basketball 1 are having a rough time figuring out the combo to the briefcase - Sam & Dan are out ahead of them.
Tiffany is rocking out that rowing!!
Canaan has his watch; Tiffany has figured out the combo and Big Easy is still trying - he's hung up on the hand being on the 7 rather than thinking of the "35".
Mika & Canaan have left the Globetrotters sitting on the dock.

He's finally got it and now the 'trotters have some time to make up.
Kerwyn would be totally awesome at the math for the
Gold BricksGold Coins weighing - Brian wants to switch tasks but Erika says that he can do it.
Gary & Matt are going to do the hookahs.
Meghan & Cheyne don't realize that they have some spare pieces on the edge of their carpet & Team
Zebra is switching tasks.
Meghan & Cheyne have their hookas done and off the the Atlantis, The Palm to a massive water slide.
Sam & Dan and Maria & Tiffany are going to try the gold weighing.
Nice - Mika opens the envelope, drops the garbage and tells Canaan to "pick it up".
Brian & Erika are stuck on the hookahs.
Sam & Dan have a calculator but can't sort out the price/oz and it's relation to $500,000.
Question Mark
Maria helps them out with it but the price/oz keeps changing.
Mika & Canaan are working on the hookahs.
Sam & Dan and Maria & Tiffany are on to the water slide.
That water slide is killer scary - almost straight down and it passes under a live shark tank!!!
Meghan and Cheyne hold their lead and are the first to check in.
BE & FT have arrived to put together their hookas; Brian & Erika still can't sort out what little detail(s) are keeping them from being finished.

Brian & Erika are trying to step through what the problem is - they had the wrong hoses on a couple of the hookahs.
Matt is really feeling the heat.
Maria & Tiffany have taken their "leap of faith" and are off to the pit stop with Sam & Dan close behind.
Seeing how long it took Brian & Erika to do the hookahs, the have switched to the gold task.
Gary & Matt have assembled their hookahs.
Brian & Erika are down the chute.
Mika & Canaan are done the hookahs but remember that Mika is terrified of heights.
Gary & Matt did the slide with no problems.
Canaan is trying to bully poor Mika into going down.
Big Easy & Flight Time are done with the gold and are off to the water slide - will they make it before Canaan can get Mika to go down it?!?
OMG - I can't that he tried to push her down!!!

Flight Time & Big Easy have arrived - Mika has 2 minutes to summon up the courage to just go down.
FT & BE are trash talking her which Canaan is totally pissed about.
She couldn't do it - my heart breaks for her because she's really scared that Canaan is going to hate her for not being able to go down the slide.
Of course he doesn't hate her - I can't imagine being that crippled by a phobia.

#1 - Meghan & Cheyne
#2 - Maria & Tiffany
#3 - Sam & Dan
#4 - Brian & Erika
#5 - Gary & Matt
#6 - Flight Time & Big Easy
Kiss That One Good-Bye!
Mika & Canaan

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