Sunday, November 15, 2009

Watching TAR with Wannietta - part VIII

Sorry - Amanda & I went to The Royal last weekend and she was feeling oogy (yes, a technical term) and I was totally exhausted and then we had some hardware problems that required the services of a professional Nerd. But I'm back and completely gutted that I missed the straw rolling task!!!

Flight Time & Big Easy are out 1st at 2:23AM on their way to Estonia.
I'm seriously annoyed with our new virus software - it won't let me download my smiley faces!!!
Yes FT, 17:45 is a long time from the wee hours of the morning.
Meghan & Cheyne are next out at 4:12AM.
I'm not sure that cutting off a taxi is the best introduction to asking for his most accurate help.
Team Zebra is next out at 4:37AM.
I've got to agree with Brian - winning the battles are irrelevant if you can win the war.
Sam & Dan are next out at 5:04AM - they seem unreasonably excited about visiting Estonia, unless maybe while they're out of the closet they are still closet knitters!!
FT & BE are sleeping in their car - the other teams are blown away that the ferry isn't until 5PM.
Gary & Matt are out at 6:29AM & have a great shot at finishing their speed bump and still getting to the ferry with the rest of the racers.
Argh - the Speed Bump is after the ferry ride.
Meghan & Cheyne and Sam & Dan are the first in the house of the Brotherhood of Blackheads. They need to find a candelabra, pick a room number, find the room and uncover their next clue on a "blank" parchment.
Gary & Matt need to get on a Saunabuss and take a 5 minute sauna. That doesn't sound so horrible.
Erika is having a hard time getting the secret door open; the Globetrotters have caught up with them.
Erika & FT are doing this task.
Sam & Cheyne are still searching for their rooms.
FT found his room and is trying to find the clue on the scroll by rubbing a red "crayon" on it.
Cheyne right away starts rotating the scroll ofer the candle, as does Erika.
FT had it over the candle and the clue was on the paper but he didn't notice!!!
Cheyne has it - Pikk Hermann Tower Garden.
Erika as well. Why is she still carrying her candelabra?
Gary & Matt are done with their sauna and are back with the rest of 'em - Matt's doing the task, but he doesn't know what a candle-a-bra is!! D'oh!!!
Sam & Dan are off and FT finally sorted it out.
Poor Matt, but I guess there really isn't any call for high-falutin' candle-a-bras in Minnesota.

Ding, ding, ding!!! I guess the "candle" part finally twigged with Matt and he's off to find his scroll.
Serve or Sling
Mud volleyball or hitting a tiny Moose target with a slingshot.
Megahn & Cheyne are going with Serve as they have played volleyball in high school and on a beach.
Matt tries the rub technique but is now holding it over the candle.
Matt only got the Pik Herman Tower - I hope that the "Garden" part isn't too important.
Sam & Dan and the Globetrotters are looking for a taxi and end up sharing one.
Gary & Matt don't see the clue box and are trying to figure out how to get into the Tower - I guess the garden part was important.

They finally find the clue and are going to Sling it.
Brian & Erika are going to Serve.
I think that once the girls see the mud that they'll rethink playing in their underwear.
Meghan isn't certain that the mud is entirely mud. LOL
The 2 boys teams are going to play volleyball too but they and Team Zebra can't find the route markers.
Meghan & Cheyne have gotten their 5 points and are on their way further through the bog to Keava Rava Overlook Tower.
Brian & Erika are taking their "shot" at the Sling since Sam & Dan and Flight Time & Big Easy are using the 2 volleyball bogs.
BE is almost up to his waist in the bog and Sam & Dan are not having fun and are taking it out on each other with advice on how to play bog volleyball.

The Globetrotters have their 5 points and are on their way.
Sam & Dan are right behind them.
FT & BE have been running the wrong way and it's a real foot race - Flight Time fell on the wooden path and tripped up Dan a bit. Now there's a bit of a macho pissing contest between the boys.
Brian hits the target and brings down their clue just as Gary & Matt are arriving.

#1 - Meghan & Cheyne
#2 - Sam & Dan
#3 - Flight Time & Big Easy
#4 - Brian & Erika

Sayonara - Gary & Matt - you ran a good race and dodged a bullet last weekend and were a fun team to watch!

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