Sunday, October 18, 2009

Watching TAR 15 with Wannietta - V

And they're off to the Persian Gulf to find the Burj Dubai. Here's Liz's recipe for this leg of the Race.
Erika knows that the tallest building in Dubai straight up!
Sam & Dan are trying to book tickets to "the Persian Gulf"!!
So Lance is going to marry Keri because they have "a lot of non-refundable deposits on stuff". How very romantic.
And Lance knows about booking flights because he's a lawyer and he works out.
Team Zebra is rockin' it out in first place.
It's so hot there when they land (at night!!) that the cameras are steaming up.
And the random idiot cabbie strikes again - Mika and Canaan were apparently at the hotel where the water fountain (and the sign up) was and then the cabbie kept driving and they are in the 2nd tour group to go up the tower.
Yeah Lance - making jokes about planes and towers is quite past funny.
Mika is struggling with a fear of heights and she's still on the ground.
Awesome - the Fast Forward.
The teams who want to complete this task needs to find the Dubai Autodrome, complete a lap in under 45 seconds in the race car. Kerwyn would totally rock it out!!!
Lance is such a jackass - "Try and keep pace baby, it won't kill ya". And when Keri tells him that all of the other teams went the other way he doesn't even give it a thought.

FT & BE are turning right and Mika & Canaan are going to turn left - who's correct???
Lance & Keri are finally in their car - Lance doesn't want Keri asking for directions and Keri is not opening up the map and tells Lance that he's on his own.
Cheyne & Meghan are at the Fast Forward and, no surprise, Cheyne is driving.
Sam & Dan, Brian & Erika and Maria & Tiffany are in 4x4 jeeps heading across the desert.
Mika & Canaan are still on the highway; Lance is not listening to Keri's navigation directions.
The Road Block is for one of the team members to take a traditional water bag, and head off in the desert in search of clay urns with water buried in the desert.
Apparently "chocolate melts" so Brian is doing the task along with Tiffany and Dan.
Big Easy & Matt have joined the water hunt.
"My judgment sucks." Lance has probably never uttered truer words.
I don't understand why Meghan is crying - sure, Cheyne is driving very fast but he's the only car on the track!
And he totally does it in 40 seconds and they are off in a Maserati to the pit stop.
Brian has found water!!
This is the Fire & Ice leg of the race - from the heat of the desert, Brian & Erika are now off to Ski Dubai for their next clue.
Snow Globe
Matt totally rocked it out with no help from anyone and he & Gary right behind the other 3 teams.
That totally sounded not good! Maria drove over a metal stake or something and has totally punctured their radiator.

"... gave the tummy of our car a little tickle and now it's bleeding radiator fluid."
Same and Dan are hanging around to make sure that the are set because Tiffany shared her ladle.
BE has water, Sam & Dan and Maria & Tiffany are under way, Canaan is going to be the Water Whisperer and Lance and Keri are still on the highway.
Meghan & Cheyne have checked in - they are going to have a massive head start on the next leg of the race!
Lance and Keri are on their way out to the water search and now Lance and Canaan are wandering the desert sands.
Gary & Matt are the 1st team to Ski Dubai
Build a Snowman or Find a Snowman
I'm with Matt - toboganning down a hill then digging through snow to find a tiny snowman figurine would be easier than taking snow outside to the sweltering heat and building one (complete with traditional accoutrements) before it melts.
Typical Lance - can't find water in any of the urns so he breaks urns.
Sam & Dan, Maria & Tiffany and Brian & Erika arrive at Ski Dubai at the same time.
Lance may be getting delirious - he's rambling away to himself and in a show of bravado declares that he totally could have done another lap (of the desert) but he has to get to the next clue.
Rolling Eyes
All of the teams are looking for a snowman.
Erika has found the first snowman and now she & Brian are off to the pit stop.
Geez!!! When Lance, in all sincerity, asks Keri which way she would like to go, she can't make a freakin' decision!!
Question Mark
FT & BE are going to look for a snowman, Maria & Tiffany and Matt & Gary are switching and going to build a 3D Magical Snowman.
Sam & Dan are sticking with the search.

Lance & Keri have decided that they are "directionally challenged".
Brian & Erika check in.
Sam & Dan switch tasks at the same time that the Globetrotters find their little snowman.
They gave Mika & Canaan a heads up about the snow and suggest that they get some jackets.
Gary & Matt have finished building their snowman; Mika & Canaan decide to build a snowman.
Maria & Tiffany have finished their snowman.
Sam & Dan are quick on their heels.
Mika & Canaan seem a bit defeated but they have no idea how far behind Lance & Keri are.
Lance & Keri are arriving as Mika & Canaan head out.
What a freakin' idiot! Lance wants to kick the snowman - I think that if Keri wouldn't have talked him out of it he would have forgone the clue to do it.
yesMerciful Lord!! It's not a non-elimination leg!!!

#1 - Meghan & Cheyne
#2 - Brian & Erika
#3 - Flight Time & Big Easy
#4 - Gary & Matt
#5 - Sam & Dan
#6 - Maria & Tiffany
#7 - Mika & Cannan
Loser Lance & Keri

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