Sunday, October 11, 2009

Watching TAR 15 with Wannietta - IV

FT & BE are out first at 18:53 on their way to Cambodia Cambodia to make contact spy style for their next clue.
Once again the airport is the big equalizer - no flight out until 12:25 the next day.
Zev has nicknamed Phonm Pehn "Sean Penn".
I hate Lance more every time that he opens his pompous mouth. Blah Blah Blah"We just wanted to beat you guys here - now you're in last place." Pride goes before the crash - Lance & Keri are on the 2nd flight out 1.5 hours later along with Zev & Justin.

And they both made it on stand by.
Zev & Justin are off the plane and into their cab in 1st place.
I can't believe that Lance is the first one to recognize Jackie Kennedy!! I totally knew it right off.
Rolling Eyes
Cover or Wrap
I'd totally pick wrap - finding a family of 4 who a) need helmets & b) want to pay $10 for them seems like a more challenging task.
Matching scarves seems like more fun too!
Everyone is choosing Wrap so far.
Hmmm - Lance & Keri are doing Cover - let's see if Lance can put on some charm.
Zev & Justin are done their scarf challenge & on foot to find their next clue.
OMG - those monkey actors are awesome - like totally out of Planet of the Apes.
Brian & Erika matched up their scarf almost immediately!
Zev is looking right exhausted; being a
Monkey Kiss is harder than it might seem - maybe it's dehydration?

Dan's done his monkeying around - he & Sam are off to Wat Phnom - the pit stop for this leg of the race.
Zev finished his
Monkey task.
Erika is Team Jungle Fever/Zebra's monkey.
Meghan & Cheyne, Gary & Matt are done the scarf challenge.
Lance & Keri have finally sold their helmets.
Flight Time took to that monkey business like a fish to water.
Meghan & Gary are going to be their teams' monkeys.
They got to keep their monkey masks - I'd totally ditch a t-shirt to find room to pack that.
Poker have their scarf matched as well as Mika & Canaan in last place.
Zev & Justin are first!!
OMG - Zev & Justin have lost Zev's passport!!!
ShockedCrying 1
They need to find it before the last team checks in or they're out of the race.

They're back-tracking.
I'm going to DIE of not surprised - Lance is yelling at Keri.
Canaan sure is channeling his inner simian!
All of the teams are done the challenge - Zev & Justin are still looking for Zev's passport.
Hurry Up
Awwww - they couldn't find it. I agree with Zev - they ran an awesome race and it's a sucky way to have to exit it.
I wonder how long it will take to get it sorted so that they can leave the country?

#1 - Sam & Dan
#2 - Flight Time & Big Easy
#3 - Brian & Erika
#4 - Gary & Matt
#5 - Meghan & Cheyne
#6 - Lance & Keri
#7 - Mika Canaan
#8 - Maria & Tiffany

Zev & Justin

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