Sunday, October 4, 2009

Watching TAR 15 with Wannietta - III

Gary just did one of my pet peeves - asking a question then 2nd guessing the answer. If you didn't want to pick the way that Matt chose, why ask the question?No
Yeah - let's see how long Lance lets Keri lead.
Geez, Keri caved on that pretty fast.
Only 45 minutes between the 1st & last place teams depart times, let's see how that plays out.
Those dragons
Dragon are crazy quick - it's going to be tricky and a matter of timing/luck to snatch a clue out of their mouths!
Flight Time & Big Easy are out quick followed by Gary & Matt.
Beautiful post office!!
Justin & Zev are next.
Matt decides that they should just leg the 1 km to the Post Office.
Childs Play or Word Play
Dragging a clumsy concrete animal around a park collecting balloons or going to a high vantage point, finding 6 Vietnamese letters on cyclists hats or carts the getting help to unscramble them.
I'm with FT & BE on the Child's Play - and they picked the
OMG - Lance & Keri are the only ones who don't realize that they're supposed to unscrew the bullet for the clue.

And Keri finally thinks to look inside!
Lightbulb Idea
Are Mika & Canaan trying to dance/charm the clue out of the dragon's mouth?
Marcy & Ron are the first team to choose word play.
FT & BE have finished their Detour and are on their way to the busiest intersection at Dien Co 008 for their next clue.
Lance & Keri have totally missed the clue box outside and have slipped to last place. Lance of course blames Keri.
Maria & Tiffany's dolly has broken and they have to go back for another one - Sam & Dan tried to help them but it was irreparable.
Justin & Zev chose a
Giraffe - even Amanda saw the flaws in that strategy and sure enough it was top heavy and tipped.

Meghan & Cheyne are done & in 2nd place.
Marcy & Ron have all of their letters on the 2nd try.
Lance let go of the red balloon and then leaves their animal in traffic to go back for another one.
Ron's sight seeing while March is trying to work on the clue.
Tiffany is panting and feeling the burn of pulling their animal because Maria is strolling up ahead scoping for balloons.
Lance is yelling and manhandling their animal - that guy does not deal with stress very well.
In this Road Block one member of the team needs to break down 2 VCR's and separate the different parts for recycling of some sort.
Marcy and Ron are trying to make up the Vietnamese word DOCLAP on their own - they are finally asking for help!
FT & BE are the first out on their way to the pitstop at the Reunification Palace.
Marcy & Ron are in 4th place.
Team Zebra (Brian & Erika) are out in 5th.
It's a foot race between FT & BE and Meghan & Cheyne.
Hurry UpFlight Time & Big Easy are there first by seconds!!
Lance & Keri are coming apart.

Brian & Erika made amazing time and have hit the mat in 4th place.
Marcy says the most random things - "If you don't have patience with the opposite sex you shouldn't live on planet Earth." WTF?
Lance goes with his strength and just bashes the shit out of the VCRs and rips them apart with his hands - apparently it's the "man" thing to do. Computer Smash His hands are going to be cut up I'm sure.
Amanda & I can't stand the sound of Keri's voice - totally screechy!
Justin & Zev are done and on their way.
I think that Ron is the first guy that I've seen wearing gloves to do this task - maybe not as "manly" as Lance but much smarter.
Lance is a wreck in his cab & Zev is totally zen.
yesZev & Justin beat out Lance & Keri in a foot race for the mat!!!
Awww - Marcy & Ron are done.

1 - Flight Time & Big Easy
2 - Meghan & Cheyne
3 - Gary & Matt
4 - Brian & Erika
5 - Sam & Dan
6 - Tiffany & Maria
7 - Mika & Canaan
8 - Justin & Zev
9 - Lance & Keri
Kiss That One Good-Bye!
- Marcy & Ron

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