Monday, September 28, 2009

Watching TAR 15 with Wannietta - II

From Toyko to Vietnam Vietnam. I wonder if we might see my little sister Tina? Unlikely, but you never know.
Lance seems like one of those know-it-all jackass kinda guys.
Let's see if online wins over the straight to the airport strategy.
So Tiffany is the self-professed blonde-disguised-as-a-brunette.
Brian - "buy economy but sit in business" is called "upgrade".
Geez Lance - calling
the Poker bastards is a little harsh.
Sam & Dan have made them!! I wonder how long the secret will stay a secret?
Uh-oh ... no mercy for the bluffers.
That's one full bus!
I would totally find a way to pack knitting - waiting an hour for a bus to leave with nothing to do would drive me
Crazy 1.

The epitome of the American attitude - throw money at it & you'll get what you want.
They wasted their money!!! The boat dock doesn't open until the morning so they'd've caught up anyway!!!
Justin & Zev are your fave team because Zev is too hard for you to read Tiffany.
Well, ya'll are liars bluffers, so why wouldn't you suspect the other teams of being untruthful about themselves.
"Nutrient mud" - I think that I'd rather not know what makes it so nutrient rich.
So Maria & Tiffany have to go fetch soup - I wonder how badly they'll butcher Vietnamese in their attempts to order the correct ingredients?
Nothing like talking yourself into your fear of the water Mika.
I thought that they had to order the ingredients - good thing that Maria is a pho expert!! I love pho - the Vietnamese restaurant in Alliston - yes, we have a Vietnamese restaurant!!! - has been closed for a couple of months because the family went home for awhile. I miss it a lot!
That looks totally nasty and very slippery.
White girls slipping and falling in mud always has entertainment value!
White boys slipping in mud is equally funny - the Vietnamese do not discriminate that way.
Poor Justin & Zev - losing a clue is ungood.
Crying 1

Herding ducks - that looks like chaos unleashed!!
I'm sure that "monkey" is a totally logical nickname for geese ducks in Meghan's World.
Matt is rockin' it out!!!
Flight Time is totally earning his name.
Nice thong Erika.
Sam & Dan are the first team done and on the way to the pit stop.
"Hustle! Hustle!! Hustle!!!" Good strategy Flight Time.
Gary & Mat are on their way followed by Big Easy & Flight Time.
Lance and Keri are hot on their heels.
Zev is the Duck Whisperer
I'm sure that ducks sense tension like most other creatures and Mika is spewing tension out of every pore.
Just like the brother/sister team in the last Race, Sam & Dan need to pick who is going to be the one to make the final call and then the team lives with it. It's the only way to save time on the race.
Awesome - Gary & Matt came in 1st!!! I think that it's Matt's pink hair that is endearing me to them.
Geez Canaan - she might like to wait until all of the ducks are in before she closes the gate.
Jessica & Erika have appear to have met their Waterloo.
All of the other teams have checked in ...
Bounce - I knew that someone would want to have duck for dinner, I'm glad it's my home girl Erika.
It's a foot race - who wants it more?!?
Geez Garrett - Jessica did her best, you're really not making her feel better.

#1 - Gary & Matt
#2 - Sam & Dan
#3 - Big Easy & Flight Time
#4 - Lance & Keri
#5 - Justin & Zev
#6 - Meghan & Cheyne
#7 - Maria & Tiffany
#8 - Mika & Canaan
#9 - Marcy & Ron
#10 - Brian & Erika
Kiss That One Good-Bye!
Garrett & Jessica

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