Sunday, April 26, 2009

Watching TAR 14 with Wannietta - part le 10

Kisha & Jen are off at 1:48PM to Beijing for that Foot massage.
Tammy & Victor are on their heels at 1:49.
I would argue that they don't seem to have profited much from their cultural & lingual advantage - I mean they came in 2nd, close but still 2nd.
Margie & Luke are right with them departing at 1:50.
Jaime & Cara are totally in the hunt at 2:12.
Well Jaime, karma's a vengeful bitch and you're sucky attitude towards the non English-speaking population may be coming back to bite you in the form of not winning.
That attitude seems to be contagious - Jen & Kisha have it now too.
And they cut the line when Margie & Luke had to switch desks because of their TAR credit card.
Kisha had no idea that Tammy & Victor were asking (in Chinese) for the most forward seats as possible but they went & asked for the same thing!
Tammy & Victor totally flew off of that plane & into a cab!
Margie & Luke, Kisha & Jen then Jamie & Cara out of the airport.
I'm with Tammy - I am not a fan of having to touch other people's feet.
Jamie & Cara are the 1st team to the foot massage followed by Keisha & Jen, Tammy & Victor

Normally I'm all down with the massages, but I'm thinking that this looks unbearable!!
If you can't get through the 10 minutes and have to call "Uncle", then you have to do it over again. WTF?!? If you couldn't finish it why would you want to restart it?!?
The tea seems to be a prequel to the torture.
Does that masseuse seem to be taking a bit of pleasure in their pain?
Tammy doesn't seem to be doing too bad so far ...

Cara is done, Kisha not far behind, Tammy is being quite stoic and is trying to lend some support to Luke.
Luke's on his own now.
Can you say "Uncle" is you can't really say "Uncle"?
And Luke is done!
I'm sorry - did Kisha just say "they all look alike"?
This gym/auditorium seems to be a bit obscure - a lot of the cabbies don't seem to know it.
or Swim Swimmer
Synchronized diving or 800m relay swimming - there would be no good choice here for Kerwyn & I.
Well then, for Jen this will really be a case of Sink or Swim.
Yeah Cara, just try & beat Micheal Phelps time - wtf ever.
Tammy & Victor are a total fail at the synchronized diving; Keisha thought that it was funny until Jen gets up there and freezes.

Those laser suits are totally not meant for most people.
"Mama still ain't name her Grace." Kisha is a wee bit less that graceful.
Margie's tearing up that pool!
Jamie's getting pissy with Cara now.
Kisha is dragging herself along by the floats now.
Jamie & Cara are off to the Pit Stop at the Drum Tower.
I'm sure that Micheal Phelps is in no danger from your inner Olympian Cara.
Kisha & Jen are back to the diving.
Margie & Luke are on their way to the Pit Stop.
Jen's falling apart, but fortunately Tammy & Victor haven't mastered synchronicity yet.
Does it occur to either team to do an audible count?
Victor is leaving it up to Tammy if she wants to switch to the swimming; she's decided that they'll switch.
I wonder is a sychronys bellyflop would count or if it has to be vertical?
Question Mark
Victor dove in so hard for his first length of the pool that his goggle were down on his mouth.
Jen is really losing it - I had to explain phobias in general & aquaphobia in particular to Amanda.

Jen has chosen to go back to the swimming - at least she can wear a life preserver for this one.
Victor's calf is cramping up.
Tammy, being a trypical sister, asks him if he can get his leg in the car.
Jamie & Cara are desperate for a 1st place ... and they've gotten it!!
OMG - it's a double leg!! This is more of a check-in than a Pit Stop!!!

See ya'll next week to see which teams make it to the top 3!!

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