Saturday, April 4, 2009

They are the Champions!!!

Amanda made the Jr. Girls Basketball team at her school. This was her 3rd year trying out - I'm as proud of her persistence as I am of her making the team.
Their first game was a 4-team tournament and the Pine River Patriots were hoping to not come in 4th. Apparently most of the Barrie teams have players that are also on rep teams so they have that much more practice & skills and we don't g
enerally fare so well.
So the host team Holly Meadows has about 2-3 times as many players as the other three teams. I figure that while it's a bit unfair (I mean, if they're have a bunch of foulers how fair is it that the bench is stacked with replacements???) but maybe they're using this tournament as a kind of pre-season, final cut thing. Anyway, they played Ferndale in the first game and even though Ferndale played well, Holly Meadow spanked Ferndale quite soundly. I could see why the girls were none too optimistic, but if we didn't come in 1st or 2nd we wouldn't have to stay for the final championship game. A small silver lining.
We played W.C. Little next and it was awesome!
They had some much taller players and played well but we won handily!!! Amanda is #4 - my new lucky number!
W.C. Little played Holly Meadows in the next game and beat them! Watching the game, I couldn't understand how HM had beat Ferndale, especially since WCL was playing them right after their game with us and HM had a break. But statistically it was totally good for us - I mean we beat WCL & if they can beat HM then we could beat HM. And since HM beat Ferndale then we could totally beat Ferndale ... the tournament was as good as ours. On paper (or in my mind) at least, the girls (and their parents) were less convinced. Oh ye of little faith!!
We played Ferndale next and while it was close, they played hard (and when I say hard I mean that they had a couple of players who weren't afraid to play rough) and we lost. Then we played HM right away and took them to school - we won by 14 points!!! Our girls were totally stoked - HM was out of championship contention and our shot at the playoff game hinged on WCL vs Ferndale.
I was pulling for WCL to win - not by much because then it would come down to a point spread to break the 3-way tie (Ferndale, WCL & PR would have all had 2 wins), but just enough to win and take the wind out of Ferndale's winning sails and work them hard before the final game. My lips to God's ears - that's what happened. I swear, the girls were ecstatic at getting into the final game - and not just getting there but getting there in 1st place because they won their games so soundly!!!
The championship game was close all the way through. Both sides played well and didn't give any quarter, but heart won out & the Pine River Patriots won 25-24!!!
Amanda was amazing - and not just Mom-pride amazing either. She was a little terrier, not afraid to stay on her girl and play for the ball. Her confidence grew visibly with each game and she was taking the ball up the court and scoring, though she's more comfortable passing to her more experienced teamates. She was aces at being the one to throw the ball in from the side (throwing guard) - she's quick at it and we scored some easy points from her fast passes to open girl under the basket.
It's going to be a fun year - I'm really looking forward to rest of the season. We play again on Tuesday. A bonus - one of the other moms is a really excellent knitter!!!

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