Sunday, April 19, 2009

Watching TAR 14 with Wannietta - part le 9

I'm gonna have to pay attention to that & learn how to sign "Bitch".

Margie & Luke are off at 9:36AM to Guilin
The Cheerleaders are off at 10:30 with the intention of being positive. That'll last until they get in another cab.
The lawyers are right behind them at 10:40 & are excited about being the Chinese in China.
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Kisha & Jen are not out of it with a 12:43PM leave time, but they will be on a flight 40 mins behind the 1st 3 at the Guangzhou airport.
Mark & Mike are out at 4:08PM after serving the balance of their penalty from last week.
Oh Snap - a flight delay and Kisha & Jen are now the 1st team to land in Guilin!!
Way to use the language advantage
data not applicableand I'm sure that you're cabbie will not realize that you're American Tammy & that you're a bit of a foreigner yourselves!
Jamie & Cara have the lucky cab driver who knew where the hairdressing shop was.
Tammy & Victor are 2nd to the clue box.
OMG - maybe Margie & Luke and Kisha & Jen need a big neon sign saying, "CLUE BOX"
There's been jostling and trash talk before - Luke & Jen are just taking it all personal like.

This one was both of them not wanting to give an inch on the way to the clue box and they both pushed & shoved.
I'm sure that the
Fish are super, extra well cleaned so that all of the cormorant spit is taken off.
Amanda thinks that grabbing them by their necks is mean.
Mark & Michael are at the Speed Bump - they need to wash & dry the hair of a "client" each.
The shampoo goes onto dry hair?
Mark's dad is a hair stylist and now we know why Mark doesn't work for his dad.
She could be smiling
Smile or wincing Smile

Mark - close call.
Poor Luke got bit by a cormorant. Well, that'll happen when you hold a fish in your hand in reach of a retriever bird.
Jen & Jamie are properly grossed out by all the hands-on with the fish.
Kisha & Jen are done "fishing" 1st followed
by Jamie & Cara and they're on their way to the ancient South Gate.
Jamie is finally impressed by & happy with a cabbie, though her sarcasm still comes through.
Margie & Luke have gotten their 10 fish.

Tammy's cormorants have taken off! data not applicableCome back birdie!!
Mark & Mike are done & on their way to the cormorant fishing Road Block.
Tammy & Victor have their next clue 3rd because Margie & Luke were on the slow boat in China.
Victor is funny telling Margie & Luke's cab driver (in Chinese) that he's driving too fast and that he should drive slower!

Kisha & Jen are just not getting over this clue box tussle.
Dancing Coupleor Calligraphy Writing
I'm a bit of a 2-left-footed white girl but I love dancing with Kerwyn.
My artistic skills are totally non-existent so we'd have to be Choreographing.
Jamie & Cara are doing the dancing, Kisha & Jen, Margie & Luke and Tammy & Victor are doing the writing.
For being able to "do exactly what they are taught, right down to the T" Jamie & Cara are looking a wee bit uncoordinated.
Writing Chinese is not quite as easy as speaking it it seems.
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Margie & Luke are out behind the other two writing teams, but not far behind.
The Cheerleaders are thunking around like they have lead boots on.
Not right yet - pride goeth before the crash.
All three calligraphy teams are out of the 2nd station together - the strategy is to follow Tammy & Victor.
Tammy & Victor are playing the Chinese card to the max (in a humourous way), but all 3 teams are still together.
Jamie & Cara are just not picking up the nuances of the dance.

Mark & Mike are done the fishing Road Block.
The lady cab drivers are rockin' it out!
Tammy & Victor are on their way to the next Pit Stop.
Margie & Luke are done and out with Kisha & Jen right on their heels.
It's a 3-way foot race!!!
Kisha & Jen just beat out the others to the mat.
Jen plays basketball - using your butt is fair play.
I think that Kisha was dissing Luke, but editing can do that. Phil doesn't think that Kisha laughing at Luke and it wasn't intended as a rudeness/put down.
There is no way for this rivalry to end with a handshake and apology
I'm Sorry
Mark & Mike dance very well together, but it's for naught.

#1 - Kisha & Jen
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#2 - Tammy & Victor data not applicable
#3 - Margie & Luke data not applicable
#4 - Jamie & Cara data not applicable
Turkey Wave#5 - Mark & Mike data not applicable

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