Saturday, April 25, 2009

DKC Frolic

It was a fantastic day! I went down last night and hung out with Wendy, Wendy, Joan, Sandy & Donna while vendors set up, then we went to the hotel. It was nice to just hang with a knitterly friend and talk shop. I stayed up a bit later than may have been advisable because I wanted to get to the next colour on my new afghan.
We were back at the JCCC at 6:45 to have the doors open for vendors arriving at 7:00 to finish their set up. There
was a blur of activity starting at 8:30 when the doors opened to the public - it was a gorgeous day and it seemed like knitters from near & far were taking advantage of having somewhere to go to!
I taught the Knit One Below technique using the Inside Out scarf.
You can download your free PDF copy of this pattern here. It was wonderful - it's not a difficult technique but like a lot of techniques, it's great to be able to learn it in a group, have someone be able to walk you through the learning mistakes and get some hints & tips that make it easier when you get back home.
Jill was awesome - she was working very studiously and when by the time that I got around to her she had a good amount of what could be a new pattern done! It was easy enough to sort out what she had been doing and put her back on the pathway to vertical columns of colour. She had a few hiccups but knew where she had gone astray and was confident to go home and k1b on her own. You're a good sport Jill!!! I was really impressed with everyone - they all stuck with it, really got it and I'm sure that they will all be progressing rapidly from their scarves!

I finished Fiona's Bandana Fair Isle Cardigan for Naturally earlier this week and Beth donated a kit for it as a door prize!!
Good Luck Barb!!!

I'm going to put in some hard core hours on Veronik's Blue Twist cardigan - between other deadlines & the Frolic I'm not quite almost concerned about finishing. Then I need to finish an afghan for June 1st. You know me - it's not fun unless there is a glimmer of impossible!

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