Sunday, May 10, 2009

Watching TAR 14 with Wannietta - le finale!!

Mother's Day Basket

I know, but what with strep throat, deadlines (all met!) and dispatching on Saturdays for Saturday school I missed last week. But we're all here for the finale - the smart money is on Tammy & Victor, but I wouldn't count out Margie & Luke.

Tammy & Victor are out at 9:15PM & are headed for Maui.
Margie and Luke are just over 2 hours behind them with Jamie & Cara almost 3 hours behind them.
But no one can book tickets until 6:00AM.

... 18 hours later ...

Tammy & Victor are out in front, Jamie & Cara in 2nd with Margie & Luke in 3rd.
Mmmmmmm - luau set-up!
Pig is already dressed - rubbing some oil & salt into doesn't actually seem nasty to me. Poor sheltered Victor.
Tammy is the weak link in carrying their pig and while Jamie & Cara are busy calling Tammy a weakling Margie & Luke are passing them all!!
Margie & Luke might end up with the only clean pig for the cookout.
Despite Jamie's confidence, it does not appear that Cara is any stronger than Tammy.

Well when you're the last one to a task you get the furthest away pit - what, you thought that the other 2 teams would help you out by leaving the closest bbq pit Jamie?
Margie & Luke are out with a nice lead!
Tammy & Victor are next with the
Cheerleader 1Cheerleader 1 not far behind.
Margie is rockin' out that Sea-doo!
Jet Ski
They both went for a swim looking for the clue in the bobbing floats. Got it!!
It doesn't look like you're too far behind Jamie, but you haven't finished the task yet.
Jamie & Cara have found their clue just ahead of Tammy & Victor.
This is the kind of task that would kick my ass in any of the reality shows - remembering all of the stuff that you've done. I'm more about living in the moment.
Poor Luke and those shorts
Shorts - he should stop and tie them tight or find a pin.
Jamie is being her sweet self to the cabbie again.
Tammy & Victor behind a slow vehicle - who's ever in a rush in Hawaii?
Jamie is not my favourite contestant, but really ... isn't it job of the cab driver (and by extension) the cab company to take their passengers to places? And if they don't know where those places are, shouldn't they be making the effort to find out? You might not be their personal concierge but you are the dispatcher.

Really Jamie??
Policeman Call the police for directions? Map
If you don't stop for the gas Gas Pump Jamie you'll be stopped for the lack of gas.
Luke is working right through those surf boards and is nailing each board that he finds with the matching leg of the race.
And Victor ditches his sagging shorts for the speedo in the interest of speed too.
Luke is having a rough time finding the right last 2 boards.
Question Mark
Well Jamie not all of the pictures are actually tasks - that's part of what makes it tricky!
C'mon Luke - don't give up!!
Clapping Hands

And Victor remembers everything ...
Luke & Jamie team up but it's a race for 2nd at this point because Victor & Tammy pulled it out when it counted the most.
They both have discovered a lot about themselves and each other in the course of this race.
Jamie & Cara are 2nd and while they competed hard, I'm sad that Margie & Luke couldn't have beat them.
But there's no shame in 3rd for those two - they worked hard all the way through, individually & as a team. I mean, they had to be a great team or they wouldn't have made it to the end of the first leg.
Greatest Mom

Okay - when does #15 start?!?
I'm off to watch the finale of the Celebrity Apprentice & cheer for Annie.

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