Sunday, April 12, 2009

Watching TAR 14 with Wannietta - part le 8

Was anyone else suffering from TAR withdrawal last week? The fact that it was usurped for Country Music Awards was like kicking a woman when she's down or rubbing salt into a wound.

Tonight we're heading for Bangkok
Thailand - I can't help it, this is an instant association!!

You need to keep doing what you've been doing Tammy; Victor needs to learn to include you in the decisions.
Jamie is obviously well rested - her inner bitch is just rarin' to go!
I'm sure that Mike & Mark have learned how to play nice in the sandbox.
Awwwww, no advantage to getting to the airport early.
Keep yourself hydrated Margie - by the time that you're thirsty you're already dry. You just keep on her about it Luke.
More with the confused cabbies.
Cabbies & directions are right up there with flight connections for being huge unknowns.
Cool pink steering wheel dude!
Is that a boat yard or boat dump?!?
They have to assemble a propeller for a boat; Kerwyn would totally rock this out!!
Go Margie!!
I'm surprised that Jamie didn't add a "sit" to that "stay" command.
Puppy 1 She'd better be careful or one of these days the cabbie will understand her rude English.
Good on ya Margie -We're Number One
Let's see how mechanically inclined the lawyer is.
Jamie & Cara are in 2nd - they almost left their bags & had to come back to the dock.
Victor & Mark are head to head on theirs; Kisha is getting started.
Mark is done - they've left their backpacks
Backpack, Mike figures that they come back to the docks after so they're continuing on.
Kisha's done - she over rules Jen, convinced that everyone is coming back to the docks so are leaving their things.
Victor's prop seemed to be fine but failed the water test.

It's good the 2nd time 'round - Tammy & Victor made a quick pit stop for their packs.
Well, 2 out of 5 teams left stuff behind. This will be interesting.
Broken Teeth
Teeth or Broken Record Famous 1
There is no good choice here - digging around in dentures to find 5 perfect fits or karaoke in a taxi for what could be a very long ride depending on traffic.
Margie & Luke are going with the dentures.
Jamie & Cara are great singers, so their going with the karaoke.
Mike & Mark were going to head back for their backpacks but were told that it was too far so are going to go on with the task.
Kisha & Jen are in a cab, but don't even have their fanny pack - this can't end well.
Mike & Mark are arguing about when & where they will get their 1st cabbie to meet them with the backpacks.
WTF could Mike have brought with him? "irreplaceable momentos"??
I don't know about great singers, but Jamie & Cara appear to be having fun.
Tammy & Victor are doing the karaoke because they're Chinese and feel that they have to represent.
M&M are in a cab back to the Roadblock for the backpacks - Mark is vocally unhappy about it.

Margie & Luke are at 3 out of 5 happy smiles!
5 happy smiles - Margie & Luke are off to Phya Thai Palace, this week's pitstop!!
Kisha is totally into the spirit of the karaoke ... Jen, not so much.
Victor should totally not quit his day job.
There should be a sign for "Intercontinental" - that was a handful for Margie to spell out!!
Kisha and Jen have finished the Party Taxi karaoke and now have to find their way back to the Road Block for their backpacks & fanny pack.
Cheerleader 1 & Lawyer are battling for 2nd place.
Kisha & Jen have found a kind cabbie giving them a free lift to Pit Stop - they're in the mix for 2p>nd now too; then they'll sort out how to get back to their stuff. Can you check into a Pit Stop without your stuff?!? If they can, Mark is going to be seriously pissed at Michael for making them go back.
Kisha & Jen just beat out Tammy & Victor!!
Oh Snap - they can't check in at the Pit Stop without their travel documents because they can't continue the race without them. They have to go back now. The question now is can they get a ride back to the Road Block and then get back before M&M finish the Detour and get to the Pit Stop?

Jen's going to be saying "I told you so" for a long time on this one.
There's an ongoing theme of younger siblings being right in this Race.
M&M threw in a couple of flashlights to cover what cash they didn't have for the ride from the Road Block to the Detour.
M&M sure are partying down in the Party Taxi.
It's now a taxi race to the Pit Stop.
M&M have given away more backpack crap in exchange for the taxi ride. OMG!!!
Shocked Did these 2 read the rules Newspaper?!? Apparently you can't trade personal possessions to settle a bill. It's a 2 hour penalty x 2! Their only hope is that this is a non-elimination leg.
This has got to be the luckiest
CloverHorseshoeRabbit FootPenny leg for several teams. Next week is going to suck for M&M though. They have to finish their 3h10 penalty at the beginning of the next leg, as well as having a Speed Bump to complete.

#1 - Margie & Luke
#2 - Jamie & Cara
#3 - Tammy & Victor
#4 - Kisha & Jen

#5 - Mark & Michael

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