Sunday, March 29, 2009

Watching TAR14 with Wannietta - part le 7

Well the whole blogging 'tween TARs didn't pan out quite so well this week but I'm back for the Race. I'll try again for interim blogs this week.

"Do you speak any Thai Dad?"
"Yeah, Mai Tai."
Don't worry Mel, I thought that it was funny!
Could Jamie treat any of the people that she encounters like they're any stupider?
Seems like nothing is a big deal to Mark.
Hmmm - no advantage to the travel agency or the airport booking.
14 hours in seconds - this is the way to travel!!
That cabbie seemed quite certain that the ape statue was at the beach.
The people on the street seem to believe it's at the zoo. Someone's going to be disappointed.
Way to not be a lemming Mike.
Picture with a
Bengal Tiger - Scared 2.
Hopefully the
Elephant doesn't lose his footing mid-squat.
How did Mel figure that Margie & Luke would be on a motorcycle?
Harley Couple
A one-armed tiger handler decidedly does not instill a lot of confidence.
Jamie of the Jungle - can't really picture it.
Mel & Mike are a bit screwed here.
Is it just me or does that squatting just look indecent?
Finding a clue - 6 in 99 - a giant game of concentration. I wonder who will think to write the guessed drawer #'s down?
We're all so pleased that you didn't pee yourself Kisha.

Doesn't Mel & Mike's cabbie feel a bit foolish - the ape statue is at the zoo!!!
I don't think that yelling at the nice old man is helpful, especially since he doesn't speak English and probably doesn't understand the numbers either.
Neither Jamie & Cara nor Mark & Mike are writing down the numbers.
Not Jen & Kisha either.
100 barrels or 2 miles
I think that I'd have to go with the barrel thing - I don't know if Kerwyn could pull a rickshaw 2 miles and I know that I couldn't pull him in one for 2 feet!!
Mike & Mark get lucky.
Jen & Kisha are writing now & the new teams have picked up on that.
Now Kisha & Jen and Luke & Margie! Then Tammy & Victor.
This is called karma Jamie!
Hiding the remaining pumps in plain sight - that'll come back to bite you in the ass Mark.
Mel & Mike are having about as much bad luck as Jamie & Cara but are enjoying the moment more.
So the c
Cheerleader 1 couldn't find the boats so they, along with Margie & Luke, change and head to the rickshaws.
Poor Tammy - I know that Victor's tired but Tammy is totally not heavy!
FishFishFish just look like they smell nasty!
The joy
Funny, Good, Happy, Emotion, Excited, Excite, Silly, Excitement, Hurray, Encouragement, Applause, Groovy, Fun, Great, Awesome, Teriffic, Good Job, Nice Job, Well Done, Best, Encouragement, Fan, Cheering, Success, Fantastic, Cheer
"However ..." Way to get ominous Phil. And the sorrow Crying 1 - 2 30 minute penalties!!!
Oh snap - I knew that pump thing would get them but I must have missed the instruction that prohibited getting a guide to the King Rama IX Park.

Victor is being the hero again.
Duh Kisha missing the water hose could be Mel & Mike's salvation.
Mark & Mike wait and Victor is coming on strong.
Jamie & Cara are taking turns and seem to be making good time.
Poor Margie has to throw something at Luke to get his attention because he's in front pulling the rickshaw and can't see her.
Good idea Mel
Light Bulb - carrying 2 barrels at a time is faster!
Jamie's too tired to talk down to Sak.
Margie & Luke are wrecked!
Tammy & Victor are the big winners from Mark & Mike's gaffe.
Jamie & Cara too.
Even without the previews of Margie's collapse, the chills and numbness would have tipped me off to a serious problem. I can't believe how hard she pushed herself on this leg! Bionic woman indeed.

I'm really worried for her.
No shame Margie - you rocked it out!!
What the hell is that?
Sneezy Kisha's sneezes are adorable!
I don't think that Mel & Mike really stand a chance, but you never know ...
Who have they caught a ride with - some nice family?
I'm happy for Kisha & Jen but sad to see Mel & Mike go; they were nice and really found the joy in the Race.
Liz has a Mango & Sticky Rice recipe for us to go with this leg of the race.

#1 - Mark & Michael - NOT!!!
#1 - Tammy & Victor
#2 - Jamie & Cara
#3 - Mark & Michael
#4 - Margie & Luke
#5 - Kisha & Jen

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