Sunday, March 8, 2009

Watching TAR14 with Wannietta - part le 4

A blind U-Turn!!! Oh My God! - we're going to see a lot more U-turning this race. I mean, it's a lot easier to play dirty when it's anonymous (until y'all get home & watch it on TV that is).

RussianSiberia - thinking about that makes me feel warm here in Canada.
Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric dam.

Jamie & Cara suck at faking being airline reservations - they could've totally had Mark & Micheal psyched out!
There certainly are a lot of different flights to Moscow from Bucharest!
I guess that big jump means that everyone made their connections & caught the flight to Krasnoyarsk. Okay then ... how far behind are the 2nd group?
Quite a bit - the waiting at the dam didn't bring them all together.
Stack or Construct
Stacking doesn't seem so hard, and I'm sure that while Kerwyn would be aces at the shutter building I'd have to roll with the stacking.
I'm sure that they love
Smiley Flag - coming over and doing their work for them for nothing! I'd love them too.
Are Mark & Micheal going to be able to stack a pile that high?
Vodka in that punch seems to serve a dual purpose - keeping your blood from freezing in your veins & making the work seem like a whole lot more fun!
Victor is strangely quiet so far.
Oh crap - that has got to suck. Do they have to re-stack the exemplar woodpile too?
I don't know - the Russian guy's hand signals didn't seem clear.
Stoopid commercials!
Thumbs Down

Since the other teams haven't arrived yet, Mark & Micheal might be alright for time still - I think that switching tasks is a good decision.
Christie & Jodi are wood stacking queens!
I dunno - what's in it for the cabbie to drive faster?
Hmmmm - wander around, find the "repair needed" sign, walk back & get the shutters & then walk back to the dilapidated house again.
Good on Jen & Kisha!!
Alright - the U-Turn!!! This should be very, very interesting.
Flattery get you a hug.
You might be in the lead, but I think that no matter how big your lead is there is no such thing as a safe lead, especially with a Road Block still to complete.
I'll bet that Victor knows everything about stacking wood.
I'm sure that seeing the letters on a Bobsled bobsled course & remembering them is a lot harder than it sounds.
Playwright my ass - Chekov was a navigator with a quirky sense of humour.
At least they're using English letters instead of Cyrillic.
It's not like Amanda is just standing around - she's handing Kris wood.
Some of those stacks are looking pretty shaky.
DuhIt's like Wheel of Fortune - you don't have to know the whole word to start sounding it out.
And the piles all start tumbling down like dominoes.

Geez Jamie - what'd you want Cara to do ... jump in front of falling wood?
The little woodsman in the shutter hut looks quite doubtful of Mark & Mike's shutter-building abilities.
Hurry up & walk away before the wind blows your stack over Margie & Luke!!
Victor & Tammy are moving on.
"We love you guys, but ..." Margie & Luke are trying to make themselves feel better by saying that they used the U-turn to help Jamie & Cara. Whatever.
Kisha isn't just another pretty face!
I mean really, how many ways can you reasonably put C-O-K-V-H-E together?
Hopefully Mark & Mike remember how they put the shutters together.
Luke is having a great time - I wonder if he remembers that he's supposed to be looking for letters?
ARGH!!! I was rooting for Kisha & Jen to be
We're Number One.
Well of course Victor immediately thought of Chekov.
Poor Luke. I could picture Kyle chucking the letters like frisbies & catching the next flight home.
And Jamie & Cara are done stacking wood!

Mark & Mike, Mel & Mike and Amanda & Kris - the blind leading the blind!!
That freakin' sucks - having to do the task that you didn't want to do.
Better to be lucky than good, eh Jamie?
I just love seeing Phil signing!!
Oh yeah, Margie & Luke are just all busted up about the U-turn. NOT!!!

Not an especially exciting leg of the race but they can't all be edge-of-the-seaters.

#1 - Christie & Jodi
#2 - Kisha & Jen
#3 - Tammy & Victor
#4 - Margie & Luke
#5 - Jamie & Cara
#6 - Mel & Mike
#7 - Mark & Micheal
#8 - Amanda & Kris

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