Sunday, March 1, 2009

Watching TAR14 with Wannietta - part le 3

A decent leave time - those 2:00AM leave times mess up my body clock.
On to Romania.
Luke needs to learn lip-reading - that'd totally be an excellent skill.
Poor Margie ... Budapest is in Hungary.
There are a bunch of doubting Thomases in Austria, and unfortunately it's rubbed off on Brad & Victoria. I love Amanda & Kris - "No, we'll make it, we're fast!"
Tammy & Victor are off with an excellent lead! Oh snap!!
Beating Heart Amazing Race airport equalizing.
Hopefully Brad & Victoria will have better luck.
I guess not. I wonder how far behind this will put them?

"It is what it is." Brad is my kinda guy!
Balance BeamKerwyn & I would be pretty much up the river of excrement in a native American watercraft without an instrument of propulsion right here.Parallel Bars
If I did all of those gymnastics skills I'd be totally keeping the uniform!Floor
All that yoga got Mike through quite smoothly.
Yeah, but Victor knows everything Tammy, woman's intuition can't count for much.
And everyone knows that going around is so much quicker than finding the front entrance.
Wow! A man, who is also a lawyer who is willing to ask for directions.
You'd think that a basketball Basketball 1 player would have stronger arms.
Tammy's doing cartwheels like I would. Shut Up Victor - I mean really, can you do a cartwheel???
Yes Tammy, you should slap him upside the head. "I think that your brain froze."
Kicking Dirt

I can't decide if Jamie & Cara are still trying to use Luke somehow or if they are genuine.
Gypsy Moves or Vampire Remains
Gypsies have a lot of stuff and some of it might be awkward to move, and those horses ... I think that I'd roll with the Vampire Remains.
Why would a cabbie say that he knows a place that he doesn't? 'Cause he wants the fare?!!!
A car body? Like I said - awkward to move.
Mike & Mel need to more carefully consider Mel's physical limitations when they're picking tasks.
That Gypsy woman is killing herself laughing - the wagons aren't very well packed and stuff is falling off all over.
I wonder if the stuff has to arrive unbroken?
Tire skis - cool.
Geez Victor - would it kill you to slow down, listen to Tammy and give her opinion some weight?
Sorry Amanda, what? "We'll get the fanny pack later."??
That's a cute little cottage with an amazing view!!
What's with TAR14 and the taking things downhill? Someone's going to get run over with a coffin.
Good idea Victor. You're pretty sure that you're going the wrong way at this point, but you aren't going to turn back. Rolling Eyes
I don't want to stereotype, but they're gypsies!!!
And that's the sad thing Victor, you still think that you're right!
It's a fanny pack Kris - just leave it on.
We're Number OneGood on Mel & Mike!!!
I'm sure that he'll admit that he's wrong when you walk into the Hungarian, Serbian, Bulgarian or Ukrainian border Tammy.

And what's poor Tammy supposed to do? They have to stay together and at least this way she can totally blame him for the rest of their lives.
A broken & crying Victor is a bit scary & a lot pitiful.
Unbelievable - Victor is asking if Tammy needs to stop for a break!
And being all macho with dragging the coffin down by himself.
Finding that key on the hillside was like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.
Duh Victor may never admit that he made a monumental error and that listening to Tammy a lot sooner would have been beneficial.
Brad & Victoria fought hard but couldn't overcome a missed connection and fog delay.

#1 - Mel & Mike
#2 - Amanda & Kris
#3 - Kisha & Jen
#4 - Margie & Luke
#5 - Mark & Micheal
#6 - Christie & Jodi
#7 - Jamie & Cara
#8 - Tammy & Victor

Liz has a Romanian Bean Soup with Bacon & Chard for you over at Savory Spicy Sweet to match this weeks leg of the race.

Another Celebrity Apprentice? I'll give it about 15 minutes to make me DVR it.

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