Sunday, October 19, 2008

Watching TAR with Wannietta - IV

How annoying! It's About Time Well, it's TAR time finally - I'll bet it's worth the wait!

I knew it! Gee Starr, I just don't know how you thought that attempting to U-turn a team wouldn't make things worse!
New Zealand - cool!
Well Ken, we'll just see how well you take care of each other when the
Cookie cookie starts crumbling.
Note to Dallas' Alma mater - don't make him your poster child.
No, I'm sure that a Blonde Shortage in New Zealand would have been the leading story on the 6 o'clock news around the world.
The Ty charm seems to have lost its sparkle for Aja.
Desire = Frustration. The next great equation.
"I know they're into kiwis". And how could it not be the Dan Show with insights like that?
Marissa & Brooke are a strong enough team to know how to play Dan & Andrew.
Aja is totally not very patient. I mean, yeah she's right this time, but there may have been another flight available.
Awwwww - kissing & making up!
Poor Ken & Tina - they're going to have to work to get a lead again.
Mercedes Benz's - awesome!
Terence & Sarah, Dan & Andrew and Ken & Tina sandwich - ewwww!
If that's what you have to tell yourself to sleep at night Nick - we know you're dying to know where Kelly & Christy are at!
OMG - "touch me a little, play with my hair"!! How about we save the high maintenance foreplay until you're off-camera Terence?
"You can't get lost". Sounds like a curse to me.
Hmmmm - who's right - Sarah or Terence? Not surprised that it's Sarah.
WTF was that?!!
Scared 1
Geez - look at that rim - he drove up against some curb that didn't like it.
Hey Ty - let Aja drive next time.
Man up & change the tire Ty ... I'm sure that there's even a manual in the glove box.

A good Samaritan - lucky for Ty.
Well, mostly the best knots are tight. Loose knots are just tangles.
Silly Sarah - it has to be untangled because it's a knot & a Task.
Oh Cool - the Fast Forward!
Ummmm, no. I pass.
CN Tower Me and heights ... not so much.
You go Andrew & Dan!
Dally!!! He'll never forgive her for letting that one slip!
Andrew was a slow driver.
Finding a matching tattoo - I could totally do that.
Do you think that they'd stand still if you like asked really nicely?
Maori The warrior has a spear Sarah - I really don't think that Terence should make any uninvited overt moves on him.
At least it's light out now - that's got to make the matching a bit less challenging.
Chaos is a legitimate theoretical jumping point Sarah. Terence may be on to something.
I think that Marissa & Brooke have forgotten about the "Race" part of The Amazing Race.

Even the Frat Boys didn't buy that lame cover-up! "We decided to walk".
I'll bet that Maori are really great big, snuggly teaddy bears at home!
Baby With Bear
Hell yeah you've got to hurry - you've got to run to the bottom now.
8 down Toni? Don't people normally count floors from the ground up?
Are you new Sarah? Trust Terence?
Rainbow - it was beautiful!
Shit! Bloody Nick is good lucky.
Well, you're still in the game in that Phil hasn't said that you're eliminated yet.
Phil's dad is very distinguished looking & sounding.
What? How bad can anyone be at pulling the tear strip on an envelope?
A Matter of Time or A Matter of Skill
No worries mate - I'd totally go for the kiwi squashing, and I'm sure that I could choke down a glass of kiwi/foot juice. Though Kerwyn would rock out the blow cart making, but then I'd probably blow at driving it.
St Pookie? Poor Brooke.
Toni is hilarious - I'm laughing myself silly thinking about Lucy & Ethel!!

OMG - Andrew and those green pants!
Poor Nick with the sensitive feet.
Kelly & Christy are awesome! Nick & Starr are going to be kicking themselves.
I'm sure that the nice man said don't put your hands out Starr.
Good on Kelly & Christy!!
Okay - I don't like her, but I really hope that she didn't actually break her arm.

She's moving it around a lot - I think that it's not broken.
Ewww - it's her hand, not her arm. Something definitely looks wrong.
Why the hell is Nick making/letting her drive???
There ya go - it took long enough to let your inner gentleman/good brother out.
The turning point of every great friendship - when one friend can prove that his friend needs him.
It's not the kiwi seeds that are hurting.
Hurry Up Don't let the Belles be winning.
You Could Use A Hug

Awww - Phil's dad is a real gentleman! Big Hug

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