Sunday, October 12, 2008

Watching TAR with Wannietta - III

I would really love to see Mark & Bill kick Ken & Tina to the curb & come in 1st tonight!

It'll be the new threat on the street - "Back off biotch or I'll throw your sports bra away!"
Sarah's a quick study - 3rd leg and she's getting that it's not a popularity contest & that they're competing against the other teams & not with them.
Laughing at other people makes me feel better every time too.
I'm not sure if they're underestimating you & Brooke, Marissa. They may be exactly estimating you.
I wonder if Ken & Tina will be all about whoever got there 1st gets to go out 1st?
It would take more than Nick pouring on the sweet school-boy charm
Propeller to get over losing a sports bra. That's serious shit - you don't mess with a woman's support garment.
I bet the divorcee's are wishing that they'd rolled with Nick & his charm a bit.
Good idea Tina - as fast as you can in gridlock.
Kid With Toy Car
Musical March or Bumpy Ride
Are you kidding me? Musical March all the way!! Those "locally made bikes" look positively prehistoric.
Caveman (no offense to any of my Neanderthal readers)
Oh Snap!! Mis-reading those clues (or not reading them in their entirety) will get you every single time!
I wonder how far Mark & Bill will go before they realize? Will they actual get to the finish line & have to serve a time penalty?

Fred Flintstone brakes!
Maybe you could get them to tap out a faster beat?
Careful what you wish for Terence - all downhill may not be a good idea.
Do you think that the feathers are for some sort of areodynamic thing - like feathers on an arrow? Or maybe just a sick sense of humour?
Terence certainly does have quite the persecution complex - it seems like everyone is out to get him.
What marching band doesn't try to keep up to the cute cheerleaders?
Cheerleader 1 Silly Frat Boys!
Dirty pool trying to get Ty & Aja to do your dirty work for you.
Karma Starr ... think about the Karma!

There ya go! You don't really need to U-turn the Divorcees.
Gotta love the cabbies
Cab Driver - lost Map, empty tanks and broke-down jallopies!
Fighting Cholitas!!!
They look like they mean business!
LMAO - he doesn't want to fight a girl. He better get into the spirit of it - they look like tough cookies.
It's like a 3 Stooges routine
Stooges or a comedic WWF.
Poor Mark & Bill, so blissfully unaware of the hole that they're getting deeper into by the minute.

Overheating & empty!
Marissa is not getting into this.
Oh yeah - way to stir up the trouble stew Aja.
See - now Dallas is having a great time!
Frat Boy looks like he's enjoying throwing that Cholita around.
C'mon Mark - work it out!
Aw man!! They're not going to have enough time to serve out a penalty ... if they get that lucky.

If Bill had his knitting the waiting
would still be nerve wracking but at least it would be productive.
Damn - bloody Tina won again.
Kicking Dirt
Life & relationships are always enjoyable when you're ahead of the pack Ken. It's how you (and Tina) handle the bad times that will make or break your marriage. Bride & Groom
But Phil did say "may" be eliminated ... this could be a non-elimination leg.
I love the cabbie races ... like they care if the Americans get anywhere fast!
That's quite the hat that the finish line lady is sporting - bright and feathery!
30 minutes - they're totally screwed.

Missing one little thing is sad - especially when that one little thing is exactly what you said you were going to take your time & do at the start of the race.

That's totally a shame - they were such a great team!
I'm glad that Kelly & Christy are still in it. I'm sure they and Nick & Starr will keep it interesting next week.

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