Sunday, October 5, 2008

Watching TAR with Wannietta - II

Can Terence lose his "poor me" whining attitude?
Will we not hear about Ken cheating ways?
Do Nick & Starr tire of their new "mom & dad"?

Stay tuned for answers to these questions & more!

Cool - beach time!
If Starr had knitting I think that she'd be a better passenger.
Yeah, that's one's a gusher Terence. And head wounds are known for their bleediness too. I'm surprised that he didn't go to the extent of calling a medic.
I'm all for the girl power - smart girl power.
Oh, so now you want to talk to someone Terence.
Ooooo - a free-for-all on the seat selection.
Strategy is very important. "Lose the loser mentality" could be a winning strategy.
Did I hear Ken right? He thinks that the ticked agent reserved their seats? I thought that it was 1st come 1st served.
I'm sure that even if everyone believes that Tina was instrumental in getting a bigger plane on the flight I'm equally sure that it will get her nowhere telling everyone who will listen to her.
Blah Blah Blah
That was really sweet of Ken to man up and defend Tina. Should score him some brownie points.

Awwww - kissing & making up!
Sign reading is very key in TAR. Kerwyn would totally be the member of our team in charge of really reading things.
I'm Sorry Marissa (or is it Brooke?) - lucky doesn't equal smart.
Cool - dune buggies!!
That was kind of poetic - "The rain was like God showering us with love & joy".
Anthony totally ruined an epiphanic moment.
Beach It or Dock It
Beach It - Kerwyn being an engineer has a lot of mental acuity - he'd have us rolling that boat right!
Good on Mark & Bill going with their geeky strengths!
I don't think that lifting bottles to your mouth counts toward strength training.
Dude does an awesome Yoda impression!!
Frat Boy hasn't lost the loser mentality yet.
DuhKelly & Christy are not rolling with the smart girl power that I thought they had. I wonder how long they'll look for the container from the other task?
Thinks that you should have just run up the hill Terence.
What did I miss? When did Ken yell?
Tina sure can go from 0 to bitch in about 3 seconds flat though.
But they're not broke down. Maybe Tina needs to think about the Race part of The Amazing Race.

I almost feel bad for the Belles.
Why Aja & Ty are putting a little peppa in their steps I don't know.
"parquet de blah blah yadda" Anthony is funny!
Thinking Tina may not be the best one for this task.
Bill had a great strategy - too bad that Tina lucked into it.
Let's see where Tina's sense of fair play is now! Yeah, that's what I thought.
Kicking DirtKelly & Christy are just digging that hole deeper!
Well, at least Ken & Tina can split the 2 ATV evenly after the race.
Mark is very sweet - even if he didn't mean it he said it.
Nick was a jerk - you don't offer to pool resources and then ditch when you realize that the other person has nothing to bring to the table.
WTG Aja!!
Serves you right to see everyone leaving before you Nick!
Frat Boy is still working with a Loser Mentality. Go with your instincts grasshopper.

Hurry Up
Sorry? Who said that you weren't going to work with any other team? I believe that was all you Terence.
Nick won't go back. As if!! Karma's a bitch Nick.
I'm surprised that the nice man understood what the Belle said - she totally butchered that pronunciation!
I don't think that I'll miss Anthony & Stephanie - they were very non-descript.
You're lucky that you finally put Stephanie on that list of "grateful for" Anthony. Although I don't know how happy she'll be to be 4th after your looks though.

Terence is still a whiner.
We're still reminded of Ken's infidelity.
Nick & Starr are still working with Ken & Tina, though Nick'd put an end to that in a New York minute if he thought that it would get him ahead.

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