Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hitting the Links

I'm off to play golf with Kyle this morning. Tee Off 1 It's a local bus operator event, so there will be other office staff & managers from Sinton, Parkview & First Student there as well as my area manager. I really do hope that they meant it when they said that it was for fun because I'll be not so much playing golf as swinging around a club in a golf-like manner in between knitting on the cart ride between holes. Golf Cart Fortunately, while Kyle doesn't have his actual drivers license, he should be able to chauffeur me around the course.

Here is a picture of my Annetrelac Socks that I finished last month.
I think that I almost like the reverse side best. Question Mark What do you think?

I've working on a nice, plain pair of Stockinette stitch socks now - the yarn is Sock Hop from Crown Mountain Farms, the colour is Ain't no Mountain High Enough. They are really lovely change from patterned socks.

I've also cast on a fair isle (not in the purest sense of the definition) cardigan by Fiona Ellis for Beth. I'm using Naturally's Vienna & Harmony 10ply.
The deadline is going to be a challenge (OMG - I'm using corporate PC lingo in my real life!) but I'm pretty sure that I'm equal to it, after all, next weekend is a long weekend!!

I have also just sent of a beret to Elise in The Netherlands. It's for the opening at
Stitches East so you'll have to settle for my "Raspberry Beret" until then.

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