Thursday, August 30, 2007

Luck 'o the Irish

I have knit a prototype for a pattern I've designed for Lindenhof. I was inspired by the gorgeous greens in their mohair/wool blend. This is the largest of 3 children's sizes.

I've also been swatching up a small storm. T
he cream is a 100% Romney from Lindenhof - it wants to be a ladies mitten with a cable up the back and, I think it's whispering, "Aran sweater. Pssst - over here!" The Noro swatch is Silver Thaw (colour#1) & it's for a new design from Sandra for Artisan Knitworks.

I did a dry run of my school run and the bus van is parked at the end of the driveway so the end of summer is nigh!! Party on while the partying is good dudes!! OH!!! And they don't hate me. Back at the beginning of summer I had requested one of the new vans that they were prepping for September. "I keep my van so clean Sandy - you know that I'll love and take care of a
new van. Awwww, c'mon. Who do I have to sleep with?" It's about the A/C - when the air goes in a van they don't fix it. It's not a safety issue (I would beg to differ) so it doesn't get done. I really am not one for the wind blowing my hair - it makes knots & it's loud - so I hate having the windows down. I know, but once you really get to know me it's a lovable quirk. She left me hanging - no encouragement but not a clear "no" either.
So I wasn't completely surprised to not get a new van when they were handing out routes and keys on Wednesday, but I was annoyed that I got one of the oldest ones. And really, given that it's got 193,913kms on it, it's in pretty good shape. But it's not clean. I mean they pay drivers to clean the buses & vans over the summer!! So when I was in the office today picking up a couple of booster seats I just yanked her chain a bit, "Sandy, this is not the new van that I put in a request for back in June". "What? Oh, your van isn't in yet, that's the only reason that we gave you that old thing." OMG!!!! I'M GETTING A NEW VAN!!! I hugged her. For real, with feeling & a squeeze. Hmmmm, would they have still given me the new van if I hadn't sa
id something? Who cares? I'M GETTING A NEW VAN!!! So I will give this one a light cleaning - I have certain standards (fairly high as far as I can tell by the other bus vans that I've driven) for my bus van and I can't drive it if it's all dusty and makes me feel grimy when I'm driving. I know, but once you really get to know me it's a lovable quirk. Of course I'll take a picture when I get it!! I'll probably even name it. Again, a lovable quirk.

Mischief went burrowing the other night and what better place than under a crocheted rug?
I am using odd balls, making I-cord using Bond's Cool Corder
and then crocheting the cord into this rug. It's a WIP and will be bigger. Eventually. The Corder is cool and works best with 4ply, sport or DK weights, worsted is just a bit too thick and you can feel the stress that it puts on the needles. Anyway, the rug has a fair weight to it and Mischief loves burrowing under it.

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