Monday, August 6, 2007


Sorry - Amanda & I had to spend some time in Goderich with my Mom. It was a last minute thing and while it was a 3 hour drive each way and not a vacation, we did have some fun at the beach.

Then, I get home 3 days later to the same sink of dishes that was there when I left, a much messier cupboard and plants that had not been watered. I don't think that my peppers will recover, I have a bit more hope for my tomatoes. MEN!!!

I finished Veronik's twinset and she's happy with it. Seriously - I worry about that. No matter how perfect I think that it is or how much I love a finished project I can't rest easy until I know that my client is happy. I've been knitting much - sorry but it's been on secret projects. I'll try to doctor up a few pics for you tomorrow.
Kerwyn turned off the a/c, and while it has cooled off a bit - it's only 36°C with the humidity instead of 39°C!! (That's 96.8°F - 102.2°F for my Southern Friends) Even with the ceiling fan on it's a bit warmish & sticky for sleeping (not to mention knitting) comfort - I may just put it back on.

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