Sunday, August 26, 2007

Still here, still knitting

Phew - things have calmed down for about 2 minutes! Between Ravelry-ing, mothering, daughtering, wife-ing, and the back-to-school prep I've still found time to knit just not a whole lot of time to blog.

I finished the Hydrangea Lace Scarf and will be taking it int
o The Needle Emporium on Thursday or Friday. I made it a leaf wider on each side and an extra repeat longer and still had lots of Claudia's lace weight silk left over.
And I have to send a big to Debbie & Bev at Fiber Trends. When I was throwing stuff into suitcases & bags to go to my mom's I was grabbing every knitting project that I had on needles. Yes, Amanda thought that I was over-doing it, but I proved her wrong! And what? Is she new here?!? After a day passed and I was done a couple of things and picked up the Hydrangea Lace Scarf ... but didn't have the pattern!!! Debbie sent me the chart twice - I thought that I was doing the narrow version until I looked at the chart and realized that I wasn't. It really kept me from going stark raving mad - well, that might still happen but at least it was postponed. Thanks again ladies!!!

I made an Argosy scarf for the DKC Knits for a Cure. Because I used a chunky wool - Event from Needful Yarns - I decided that 5 squares
was too wide. 3 was too skinny. 4 was just right and to get to 4 I started with 1 and added only 1 square on 1 side until I got to the 4 & then reversed that at the end. No, Amanda, you may not keep the scarf.

I am working diligently on Elise's Felted Tweed sweater so that she can t
ake it to Stitches East where she is teaching.

will be starting another Patrick out of Rowan Denim for Julie - she wore out the 1st one! The white Denim starts out a deep cream colour and fades to nearly white with the first washing. I love knitting with Rowan yarn and especially Denim and even more especially with cables so I will just be in my glory!! Yes Julie, I would still like to be paid for it.

Amanda & I set out on Saturday for here. This is the Starbucks barista who made my tall mild red-eye, shot in first, 3 Splendas & extra cream. It got me most of the way through 4 hours of shopping. Amanda is at the age where she knows what she likes, it's just a matter of finding it and at Vaughan Mills that is no quick feat! She had quite the haul and earned the McD's and a rest.

Kerwyn has to take Kyle out shopping and Kyle put it off until next weekend. As busy as Vaughan Mills was this weekend it's going to be insane next weekend!!! The last w/e before school and a long-weekend. Poor Kerwyn - way better him than me & I went with Amanda so Kyle is all his.

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