Saturday, August 18, 2007

Home Again

Home again, jiggity-jig!

Working at Julie's for the tent sale was great
- she put Amanda & I up at a hotel so that we wouldn't have to drive home and then back again for the next day. I know - she's a great boss!! Amanda took her job at the cash register very seriously and didn't want to leave.

We stopped at home Wednesday night after the Stitch 'n Pitch, then it was off to my mom's in Goderich Thursday morning. She is much better - Amanda & I had a nice visit with her but are very happy to be home.

Off all of the trouble that Kyle could possibly get himself into while I was away & Kerwyn was at work he decided to screw with the computer and phone lines. He's sticking to his "I dunno, I didn't do anything" story so we don't know what he was trying to do but it resulted in me having no internet connection. I'm sitting in front of my neighbour's house right now using hers!! Kerwyn tried to work through all the cables and connections and spliters today and tomorrow he'll bravely call Bell Sympatico and see if they can talk him through it. He thinks he's got it wored right but we still don't have a dsl signal. sigh I swear, if that boy comes within arm's reach of that computer he'll deserve whatever happens to him.

I guess without my www. to play on I'll get a lot more knitting done!

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