Sunday, September 2, 2007

Labour Day weekend

So I went to Julie's with Joan & Amanda yesterday and picked up the yarn to knit another Patrick for Julie. I looked at so many new things that I started feeling a bit numb and was easy prey for Amanda who is going to get a cute little shrug from Sirdar. We're going to use the purple Denim Tweed DK (it's #634 and despite being called "blue wave" it's purple).

I dropped off the Hydrangea Lace Scarf. It will be at the KW Knitter's Fair this Saturday if you want a closer look. Julie will have the chart that I m
ade for the extra leaves that I added. BTW - I will be at the Fair as well - for the first time in about 10 years!! I usually work at the store, but Cathy will be there so I lucked out. Apparently it's crazy-busy, but if you see me make sure to poke me or something & say "hey"!

The neighbour is taking the "labour" part of Labour Day very seriously.
They have been doing the roof since early Saturday morning. It is not a quiet kind of job. I don't fault them for this effort at home maintenance, but it isn't endearing them to me either.
The constant noise may have contributed to my less than stellar knitting performance yesterday.

The following image may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

This is what a mitten looks like when it "was a mitten" but "is no longer a mitten".
I spent Saturday knitting this up with a cable pattern that I had agonized over knit up the back of the hand. To be fair, I wasn't really feeling the love for it while I was knitting it, but I persisted. I have been previously diagnosed with "Wishful Knitter Syndrome". The dominant symptom is knitting past a point of certainty; knitting on, hoping and wishing that it will be okay and when it's not, wishing that I hadn't kept going. I think that the noise from the next-door roofing was obscuring the noise that the cautious side of my brain was trying to make.
I utterly snapped when I couldn't get the cable centered for the top shaping for all 3 sizes that I'm designing it in. I had so carefully planned the ribbing to flow into the cables, written instructions for the right & left hand so that they would be perfectly mirrored and graphed the chart - by hand and with S&M Maker. No, I don't believe in doing anything by half measures. So, there be Saturday's knitting.
I started over again today and I'm very pleased with what is coming off of the needles. Again, complex enough that I'm writing RH & LH instructions so I don't want to jinx it by showing it before I've done the RH at least - knock on wood, I should be finished it soon.

I also stopped to pick up another copy of the Brazilia Stop and Go pattern that I'm making I've been making for months now. I went to pick it up a few days ago and the pattern was nowhere to be found!! I really want to finish this for Amanda so I just bought another pattern. Having the shrug in the wings is great incentive to get this one done. Finally.

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