Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Getting our Hair Did

I don't hate getting my hair done I just begrudge the time that it takes. Yes, I could go without getting a colouring but then I would feel old. I know, but there it is - my vanity displayed (or covered up) for all the world to see (or not). I got some knitting done - I'm on the 2nd piece for the bottom band of Cindy's sweater - it'll be in the mail soon Cindy!!! So Amanda & I went to Bonnie's - a lovely lady who is on Amanda's paper route. She's also a friend of my neighbour and her kids go to the same school as Amanda.
I don't have any "After" pics yet - coming soon!

We did a small charter to Pete Peterson Park - a
little parkette off of a marina in Midland with about a 100' beach. Amanda had some fun.

This is an amazingly touching video. I almost want to send him my secret!

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