Friday, June 29, 2007


This simple white cotton project is for Véronik. I'm sure that I'm not giving away any secrets by showing the stockinette stitch!! This is a simple sleeveless top part of a twin set; the sweater will have some lace patterning, so it won't be all so very simple.

I knit on that to give myself a break
from this work of art by Elise. Okay, but you know my deal - most projects are a secret. Trust me - it's really gorgeous, knit in Rowan's Felted Tweed and you're going to want to make one!!

And when I need something more interesting than stockinette and less involved than a colourwork piece I work on some simple cables for Bonne. Trust me, there are cables in there.

I am loving knitting along with Wimbledon coverage! Wimbledon is really the sign that summer is starting. I don't really have a single favourite player that I cheer on from the start but I usually have a favourite in each match.

Kerwyn was in a particularly patient mood and we sat through a 15 minute 2 hour presentation
by these two ladies about their air purifier. The time passed fairly quickly and they really were very nice, but no, we didn't drop $3000 on it!!

The sunset last night was so beautiful
- the lovely shades of pink confirmed the weather forecast of a gorgeous sunny day.

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