Monday, June 11, 2007

What Wannietta did on the Weekend

There is yarn but no actual pictures of actual knitting.
Friday night - after I made sure that the power came back on at home - Amanda & I went up to the Ontario Handspinning Seminar at Georgian College in Barrie. It took us quite a while to find - I was starting to think that becoming a spinner was going to be like joining a secret society. But then we found it!! Not even 5 minutes after we arrived, Charlotte recognized me and said hi - it's so cool to meet people who blog and/or read your blog! It really does make the world seem small.
I wanted to check out a variety of wheels so that I could base a decision to purchase on my own experience (which would admittedly
more of a leaflet than a tome) as well as the recommendations of others. I would like to try out a Majacraft Suzie - does anyone know of a retailer in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) where I could take one for a spin? I know, I kill me!!!

I did fall madly and deeply in love with a Lendrum! Though my first experience was with an Ashford, I couldn't seem to get my mojo back with them.
Lise at The Yarn Source was really very nice and Amanda lent her a hand to ply the bit that I had spun. (After this, Amanda & I both forgot about the camera.)

Okay, maybe not so much 'madly' in love since I didn't buy him right then & there, but I keep thinking about him and this silly grin creeps onto my face. I'm sure that I'll order and pick one up this summer! I didn't leave empty-handed though. I bought an 1800m skein of laceweight alpaca/silk, a ball of the TOFUtsies that I've been hearing so much about and these really cool yarn/knitting themed words from IK. On the bottom left is the bit of yarn that I spun on the Lendrum - under Lise's watchful eye and gentle reminders it's definitely not overspun!!

Saturday was spent getting ready for and having a party. No reason, just a party. With Kerwyn in China it seemed like a good time to let Amanda have some girls sleepover.

My brand new stand mixer got used right away on a double batch of cupcakes & frosting. His name is Sir Mixalot - I love him!!

I filled and tied off about 200 water balloons - Amanda did some but had a hard time tying them off.

There was swimming in the neighbours pool.

Scrabble and a movie.

Amanda being not tired on Sunday at 5:30 in the afternoon.

Mischief wasn't tired either.

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