Monday, June 25, 2007

Bad Mischief, Good Relay

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I give you the following 2,000 words.

The full-coverage extended warranty that I bought for Etienne is certainly paying off!
I have had to conserve battery power since the above teeth marks have probably most certainly severed the wires within rendering the 'power' part of the power cord useless. A new cord is on it's way and will arrive tomorrow!
I don't know why Mischief has suddenly decided that Etienne's power cord would make a nice chew toy. Hopefully my stern scolding & spraying water at her when she even looks at the cord will be a sufficient deterrent.

We rocked the Relay for Life - look at all of those scarves!! We have started off the 2007 donation year with 35 scarves & 1 hat! AND the DKC Knits for a Cure team was the 2nd highest fund raising team at our location (out of 60 teams) - thanks to your help!!

I will put up pics of actual knitting progress tomorrow. Only 3 more days of school & school bus driving!!!

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