Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Temporary Redemption

The offender, aka the boy, aka Kyle has worked fairly diligently and even quite hard at times and has redeemed himself temporarily for the sour milk/towel incident.

For 2 years since we have lived here I have truly hated the trees that are on either side of the front door. They are some sort of spready-out pine. They are unattractive at best, adding nothing to
the curb appeal of my house and just plain old butt-ugly at worst.

I set Kyle to trimming them down so that
we could pull them out. Here is a one in/one out picture. (Isn't it hideous?!) Why is it that I always forget to take pictures before something starts happening? Now, with both of them gone!! What an amazing transformation!!! The one on the left came out very easily; the one on the right must have been a few years older because it took quite a bit more effort.

Don't be silly - I can't just leave it bare! I think that I would really like a couple of Japanese Maples - they are so delicate that they wouldn't overwhelm the house. A semi-dwarf variety, not the lace-leaf shrubs (though they're gorgeous, just not for this spot).

Amanda & I planted flowers in the front beds - portulaca, verbena and dianthus. I really love portulaca - it's seriously hardy for full sun areas and is practically a succulent. Oh yes, and some red & yellow peppers - they're so pretty when they start putting forth fruit that they shouldn't be wasted in the backyard.
We also brought home some tomatoes - cherry & beefsteak, jalapeno peppers, english cucumbers and basil. I bought one of those upside-down hanging things for one of the cherry tomatoes. Has anyone tried it?
And some more flowers to fill a large container for the back deck. And potatoes - I just have to pick up some straw to cover them with. Trust me, it works and it makes for a much easier and cleaner potato harvest.
Amanda really loved planting the flowers and I had to hustle her inside for cleaning up and dinner - she wanted to plant everything tonight!! Tomorrow is supposed to be another lovely day so I have promised more gardening after school.

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