Thursday, June 21, 2007

Still here ...

I've been trying to stay off of the computer so that I don't get sidetracked. I am very easily sidetracked. Amanda started this and I just couldn't stop myself from working on it. The table isn't big enough to lay out a 1000-piece puzzle, so I actually did most of it by running my fingers through the pieces in the box, picking out the piece that I needed and laying it in. I know, not very efficient but I have a very visual mind and it was amazing how quickly it came together. 3 days (I let Amanda help - I didn't want to take all the fun!). Then it was done, all 999 pieces. Yup. 1 missing. I'm going to email Springbok (I LOVE their puzzles!!) and hopefully they'll be able to send the missing piece.

What was I saying? Oh yeah, not getting sidetracked. I have much work to do so I am going to have to really stick to my knitting! I'll really try to get some pictures of my WIP up next week.

The Relay for Life is tomorrow night - so if you've been waiting until the last minute to make a pledge, then it's the last minute!! - then right back up home Saturday morning to watch Amanda and her gymnastics class doing their end-of-session finale. Trust me, it will be head & shoulders above that school talent show. I'm not worried!! Then maybe a nap.

OH!!! I got my June STR Rockin' Sock Club kit. I love it - totally my kind of colours. I won't be able to start on it right away, work knitting comes first & I'm still working on my February ones, but my longing for it will not wan. It will grow and deepen until we finally come together in an uncontrollable desire to make a sock. The anticipation that builds up will make our first stitch climactic!!

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