Thursday, August 3, 2006

Dr Danielle

Amanda was feeling nervous about seeing a new dentist. She really didn't want - those plastic things that you have to bite down on are just not meant for little mouths - and she had a small sore on her gum that she didn't want touched.

Danielle is very sweet and made Amanda feel right at home.
Well, as at home as you can get in a dental chair with whirring sounds all around you. But all's well that ends well and with no cavities it ended well indeed! Danielle had Amanda use this pink liquid that showed where plaque had been missed - very cool. Apparently you can buy this stuff at the drug store so I'm going to pick some up and hopefully it will help Amanda develope better brushing habits. Danielle also gave her a great flossing tool - Amanda was

I spent last night watching movies on Etienne with the kids and knitting by flashlight. The power was off for about 8 hours so fortunately all of the food is fine. The pilot light went off on the water heater. After a phone call to find out exactly where the pilot was so that I could light it and another call to set up a service call because I couldn't get it lit (the instructions are deceptively simple), then propositioning Caylie's dad ("You're a man - you could light my pilot!" Yeah, it only sounds suggestive after you say it out loud) I have hot water!!!

Kerwyn may be a bit late coming home - the weather in Hong Kong is frightful and the airport has been closed. Right now he's not sure when he'll get a flight out, but they've got the hotel & travel agent on the job so I'm sure that he'll come home safe & soon.

(I know, I've gone a little Smiley crazy, but I just love them!!!)

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