Saturday, August 12, 2006

Knitter Interrupted

Sorry if you're reading this twice. The first posting of this entry managed to shift my entire sidebar to the bottom of my blog. Wasn't me - didn't touch a thing!

Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans. I think that Murphy has taken the position Devil's Advocate on my left

I don't know about other 9 year old girls but Amanda is in a constant state of motion - and never slow motion. Getting from one place to another involves skippity-hopping, trotting, cartwheeling and/or an all-out run. I think that she believes whatever is there will disappear if she has to walk. Kerwyn & I have spent 8.5 years warning her of impending disasters but these warnings fall on deaf out of range ears. Then about 8:30PM Thursday I hear a thunk-bump-whack combination followed by that all-encompassing silence (even BB paused for a second) that preceeds an implosion. Amanda managed to smack her chest into the banister on her impromptu trip down the stairs. By the time Kerwyn got home at 9:30 it was clear that she was in some very real pain; the kind of pain that required a medical opinion beyond what I have learned from ER, House & GH. I wasn't panicked, it didn't seem broken but she was definitely not faking it. Anything less than a trip to Emerg would raise some not nice questions about my parenting skills. This not being my 1st trip to emerg, I packed - several knitting projects, water, books and a heapin' helpin' of patience.
Oh, and if you think trying to explain convincingly to medical professionals how she managed to hit her chest on a fall down the stairs is easy ... especially since Amanda couldn't explain it very well to me and is suddenly struck dumb when a stranger talks to her.
I think they believed me and that CS will not be paying us a visit.
Amanda feeling the Pain

Nurse Deanna - Super Nice!

Taking the Medicine - Super Yuck!

Typical Emerg - hours and hours put in, nothing really wrong. The x-ray was cool - no, of course I forgot to take a picture of that!! Childrens' breastbones are largely cartilaginous with visible "growth plates". They look like finger bones. There was no obvious off-set between the sections so the nice Dr. recommend Advil & rest. Okay, I'm glad that I was right and there was no way to confirm it without the x-ray, but for crying out loud - 5 hours! Oh yeah, the phrase "now you know why you need to slow down" was heard frequently.

Friday was spent watching movies - the poor little thing (yes, it was her own fault but my tender motherly instincts can't just be over-written) hurt every time she twisted, turned, reached, sneezed, blew her nose or took a deep breath. And with the onset of The Allergies I had many occasions to feel annoyed with sad for her. Cheeky Monkey felt sad for her too and was happy to bask in her calmer presence.

Pam & I got our wires crossed SmileyCentral.comso I'll be getting my hair done on Monday. Oh well, Friday was a beautiful day for a drive. Kerwyn has taken Monday off so it will just be Amanda & I - Girls' Day!!

Knitting is getting done which makes up for makes me remember less clearly all of the interruptions.

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