Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Stuck in Mundane

I feel like I am in one of Piers Anthony's novels and hopelessly trapped in Mundane. Everyday mundane tasks are sucking the magic of Knitting out of my life. I have also been sleeping a lot - I am certain that I am storing up sleep to counteract the effects of the upcoming "Spring Ahead".

Saturday started out like this. Nasty wind and wet flurries galore. Fortunately the weather was eclipsed by my destinations!

Julie and I did sort out the small
changes that I will be making when I knit the Naturally Easy Raglan again - this time out of Naturally's new cashmere blend. It hasn't arrived yet; I'll probably pick it up at the Frolic. I brought home a skein of Prism Wild Stuff - I am saving the knitting of it as a reward for knitting the swatches for my Frolic classes.

Then I drove out to my friend Ada's and when Jocelyn arrived we went down to Romni. Jocelyn had never been there - I don't know how I missed this part of her YS education. She and Ada bought some sock yarn. Then we stopped by Knit Cafe where Ada bought some stunningly bright orange Koigu. Again, me resisting.
We had a wonderful evening of show and tell, laughing and The Transporter and The Transporter 2. Being with Ada and Jocelyn is restful - common interests, differing opinions and no expectations.

I am a bit stalled on the Top Secret Sweater #2 - I ran out of yarn and am waiting for further knitting instructions. But that's okay because I am using the time to knit the swatches for my Frolic classes.

That's it - truly Mundane. I am definitely going to have to get out of this end-of-winter funk and find my Knitting Xanth.

Wait a minute - SP7 to the rescue!! Sock yarn that is absolutely in my colourway, beautiful knitting needles (they are so smooth) from SWTC, a knitting mystery book that is signed up with BookCrossing. A very interesting concept - though I tend to be a book reader/keeper rather than a book releaser. Not in the picture is a perfectly scented vanilla candle and a package of coffee. mmmmmm ... coffee.

Now, I need to get this off of my chest. I'm sure that none of my thoughtful readers need this information, but perhaps the fucktards drivers that need this information will stumble into this blog and be educated. I'm sure that these people are not acting out of malice, merely ignorance. Well, most of them anyway.
For the love of whatever you hold dear, please do not use the diesel pump at a gas station unless it is the only one left.
I do not drive a bus for the sleek, sexy lines of its body, the deep throaty get the fuck out of my way come-hither purr of its engine or the subtle colouring that blends into all sorts of surroundings. Granted, the seating capacity is a plus but that is quickly turned into a minus when the seats are filled. School buses run on diesel fuel, and gas stations only have one or two diesel pumps. When inconsiderate car drivers pull up to these pumps when they have several others to choose from I have nowhere else to go!!! I have to sit there and wait for their slow ass to pump regular gas and then give me a limp apologetic wave as they go to pay for their gas. And buy snacks. And go pee. Then call someone on the pay phone to "share". GDI people, it's not rocket science!!! If there are no other pumps available, by all means, use the diesel pump. I'm not so selfish as to expect everyone to wait for me (or another bus or truck) to arrive, but have a look around and make an informed choice.
Oh yeah, that's better! My next blog should be much more upbeat and demonstrate knitterly progress.


  1. Wow! Sorry you are in a slump. The book with the skull on it is interesting.

    Can we put another message out there for drivers. Stop using your cell phones while driving!! You have come close to hitting our car and me many many times!!! There . . I've sent a message out too

    You went to the knit cafe and didn't invite me ??? LOL I like that place.

  2. Good idea to stock up on sleep befoe the big nasty spring ahead. As the mother of a toddler, I'm very, very afraid.

    Hope your funk ends soon. Maybe the Knitter's Frolic will help!

  3. I thought of you when we went in ... and it's the thought that counts ... right??? lol KC was kind of a spur of the moment thing. If I plan it I will definitely give you the heads up!

  4. Nice goodies. I always get messed up by the "spring ahead" so I should probably start saving up some sleep too.

    I learned that Diesel thing not too long ago. I used the pump because it was the only one left and the trucker behind me looked like he could hurt be. But I was nice enough to fill up and move before I went in for my snacks. I'm afraid to even touch a diesel pump now.

  5. Would it still be okay for those of us in the world who drive diesel cars to use the diesel pumps? LOL I don't have a diesel now, but I did and have friends who do. BUT I do know what you mean about the idiots out there with no respect for the larger (and even smaller) diesel users on the roads ... Another thing people (drivers) should stop doing is putting on makeup while they're driving. Not only is it annoying, but it's illegal too.

    Sorry to hear you're in a bit of a slump. Hopefully you'll get some non-mundane lovely spring weather soon and life will be much more chipper for you. :)

  6. I am so sorry that you are in the mundanes. I see you as this knitting force to be reckoned with although it is that time of year when it feels as though time is standing still and rushing ahead at the same time. As my nana used to say (not about my knitting).."this too will pass." I agree with you totally about insensitive drivers. Holy road rage is what I see all the time - and I can't figure out all the rush to be two cars ahead - go figure!

  7. What exactly is my YS education? The 'Y' I think to by 'yarn', the 'S', well, lots of words come to mind, not all proper. Does everyone know of this 'knitting cafe'? I really must get out more. It's just so scary ;(

  8. Just think - sun is shining more often than not these days and is up earlier and gone to bed later - it will soon be warm enough to take knitting and wine outside -
    unfortunately I have to collect a ton of dog droppings before I can sit out there without gagging, but you know what I mean - and you vented wonderfully to people who care - things are looking up!

  9. I'd love a little mundane in my life right now. too much drama and stress at work. so there- enjoy your mundane and your extra sleep-
    it could come in handy some day!