Thursday, March 9, 2006

It's Launched

Tonight - well I guess technically it was last night - Fiona officially launched her Inspired Cable Knitting book. It is truly inspired and Fiona shared with us some of her sources of inspiration and how they became the garments in her book. Here is Fiona in a wrap from the book (you look great, you didn't talk too fast and the jokes were funny!) I am wearing my the Peek-a-boo sweater that I knit for the book. I am standing next to the gorgeous story board for that section of the book.
I'm not hiding anything about the sleeve behind my back - honest!! - it's just how I happened to stand.

There was a woman at the launch who had knit the cover sweater from the VK 2005. It was gorgeous!! Because my friend Kenny has been knitting, re-knitting and re-re-knitting the center medallion of this jacket and still feels that he is missing some key element, I went right over (I was so excited that I have totally forgotten her name!) and explained a bit about why I would like to take a picture of the back of her sweater. I think that she felt safe with so many people around because she only looked scared for a fleeting moment. Here is what her center looks like. The colour on the first one is a bit wonky. Kodak can only make these cameras so idiot-friendly -- good thing that I'm a better knitter than photographer! The pinkier picture is much more colour-accurate. Your medallion is just fine Kenny. This woman also pointed out that hers has been blocked - which dramatically improved the appearance.
Garter stitch is not a v
ery forgiving fabric. Any variation in tension or yarn texture is quite apparent. The increases that you have to do to make this circle are going to visible as well as the bit of a jog that you get when you work in the round.
I really liked your first medallion Kenny - no shit.

And not to minimize my excitement about Fiona's book launch, but here is a picture of me - star struck - with Robin Melanson. Yeah, the designer profiled in IK!! I know. She is very nice and I really look forward to seeing more of her designs.


  1. Wannietta,
    The women in the VK sweater is Monika S. She is a member of our Guild (York Region) and she showed us this beautiful piece of art at our meeting on Tuesday. She wasn't going to wear it to Fiona's launch, but we all convinced her to - it's so beautiful and we thought she deserved to show it off. Glad you liked it!

  2. Thanks Sandra - I knew that a knitter that talented would be known!
    And thanks again to Monika for letting me take the photos.

  3. I love the sweater you are wearing and I cannot wait to buy the book. Fiona is so nice and I love her knitting.

    The circular sweater is amazing; the design is by Anne Modesitt correct?? I am always so thrown by how much colour can be distorted depending on angle, flash, lighting. I love the colours; very intricate looking.

  4. Wannietta, that sweater looks great on you. You're an amazing knitter. Can't wait to get my hands on Fiona's book!

  5. Oh My GOD, Wannietta!!! That is just so totally sweet of you!

    Thanks for doing that you're a darling. And now that I'm looking at the picture, her's is even more "hole-ier" than mine. So I probably started out not to bad myself.

    That sweater you knit for Fiona is great..... we could use a closeup. Must be nice to attend a launching.

    I need to make more friends with knitting people. I still can't find anything to knit for others. Well, the Cocoon sweater is really for a friend, but I had to almost beg her to let me knit it for her!!

    Thanks again, Miss W!!

  6. Thanks so much for the Cocoon jacket pics!! I have the yarn for that one. Not many people have made it. I'm taking Annie Modesitt's class on it in April.

  7. My husband just bought me the book, because it was on my Amazon wish list. I had no idea your sweater was in it until I stumbled upon your blog. Congratulations on a super job!