Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Leaf Letdown

Kerwyn was given tickets by a supplier yesterday for the Leafs game against the Washington Capitals. He has been the recipient of a few sports tickets in the past but it's not really his thing to go to the games so I get to go with Kyle!! I have never seen a Leafs game or been to the Air Canada Center (ACC) so I was really excited. Kyle & I went down right after my bus run, dropping Amanda off at Kerwyn's office and getting the tickets.
Kyle was
very intent on following the action - which even from the 300 section was easy to see. With the 2006 Olympics finished I can focus on the future - some immediate deadlines and some leisure knitting - all of which will prepare me for the 2008 Games. LOL It will come faster than you think!!
Now if only there had been less of this and this and this

the score would not have been this

The Goalie Racers were hilarious - in full equipment they raced around the rink - checking, jumping and tripping each other in an effort to be the first one to complete 2(?) laps.

And then this one didn't count!! After a lengthy consultation with whomever this goal was ruled "not a goal" because it was tipped in off of a glove.

Of course tempers were getting frayed leading to some male posturing - on & off of the ice. If you can't hold your beers & your tongue you will be escorted out.

I know that a lot of people are serious about the teams that they support - but it really surprised me that there were fans taking it personally that the Leafs were playing poorly!! Maybe I just don't get it. But Kyle & I had a great time - win or loss.


  1. Too bad the Leafs lost :0(
    But on the bright side: another opportunity to wear the KO jersey (and lookn' good). Heehee!

  2. Wow, I just don't get it either. It's great that you got to spend time with your son. He looks so into it!!

  3. Countdown to 2008, huh? I'd better get training.

  4. I wear that jersey everywhere!! If people read it it's a good conversation starter.
    Everything that you knit is training. It's hard to compensate for unknowns - like family, life & illness - when you're on a deadline. I think that you did great Renee!!

  5. Just think how much yarn you could have bought if you had sold the tickets and watched the game on tv.
    It's nice that you took Kyle.

    Mom and dad have been reading your blog from Myrtle. My mom thought it was you but my dad said 'that can't be our Wannietta because she doesn't live in Angus.' They said congratulations on the house.

  6. It's not just a game, it's my religion :)