Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Tiny Setback

I sewed up the Naturally Easy Raglan and tried it on.
*&#)$($% #)#*@$ )@$ _!#@ +{"@$(%
There is about 1.5" around the top neck that is way too hight to turn into a regular neckband. If I wanted it to morph into a polo collar I could probably make it work, but I don't.
So, What's Wannietta Knitting Today? She will unpick the top 2.5" of the seams (which I finished so I have to dig out the ends), rip out, figure out WTF I am, make note of this desolate, lonely place on my pattern and make some hand calculations. Then re-knit the tops of the pieces as required and work out the neckband.
I was also annoyed that the sleeves had more rows than the body in the raglan. No, I didn't notice it when I was knitting it - shut up! I will make that change to the pattern as well.
I will spare you the graphic horror. I want you all to be able to eat & sleep tonight.

On a much happier note I will share with you that I love appliances. Especially labour-saving ones. My dishwasher is at the top of that list follo
wed by my slow cooker and breadmaker. There is now however, a new teacher's pet. The Self-Cleaning Oven!!! Bumm-ba-da daaaa Cleaning an oven ranks very low on my priority list - which is never in writing. It could fall into the wrong hands and then require follow-through. I have never had a Self-Cleaning Oven and really didn't think that it could possibly work, especially at the stage where I decide that the oven actually requires cleaning. There is no Before picture, but just use your imagination. Or if you watch the Food Network, picture any of the most un-cleaned ovens ever shown on Restaurant Makeover. Then, after 3 hours of knitterly supervision, I have this!! With very little effort okay, no effort at all I have a clean-as-new oven!!
I think that I will just have to clean my oven more often; while I wash the dishes, make dinner (including fresh bread), do laundry and knit.

Wireless Artificial Neohuman Normally for Immediate Exploration, Troubleshooting and Thorough Assassination

Isn't that cool? I can't remember whose blog I saw it on, but you can do yours here. I'm off then - to Troubleshoot & Assassinate that sweater.


  1. I LOVE self-cleaning ovens. All you have to do is sweep the grey ash out!

  2. Well, I know for a fact you are an expert at ripping knitting out so it can be repaired ... Have faith. It's a pain in the ass, I know, but you can do it! :) LOL

    I looooove my self-cleaning oven too. It's the best thing since sliced bread ...

  3. Okay, I never thought I'd say this, but I'm jealous of your oven. Looks so sparkly.

    Sorry about your raglan. I've been there, I sympathize. Unfortunately for me, it has happened one too many times and my teeth are a little worn down from gritting them. [wink]

  4. I live in an apartment. I'm not allowed to have cool appliances :(

    Have fun assisinating your sweater!

  5. Well, at least you know how to fix patterns! I wish I were as good as you!!!

    Self cleaning oven.... what does it do? Like burn of all the crud on it's own?

  6. Okay...I've got to go find my oven manual. It is self-cleaning, but I also thought it was a gimmick and NEVER tried it. Well all that is going to chnage tonight baybee!

    Thanks for the tip ;0)

  7. Just wanted to leave you another comment to thank you for testing/swatching it out for me. You didn't need to do that, but I totally appreciate it. When I grow up, I want to knit exactly like Wannieta.

  8. Tee hee. I made one too.

    Thanks for sending me the instructions. I received them today.

  9. LOL, I thought I was the only one who loved my self-cleaning oven enough to marry it!!!