Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Beavers and other signs of Spring

I have been driving past this stand of trees all year and the last few weeks I noticed this damage. Though I have never seen a real beaver-eaten tree and have have not spotted any of the suspected wildlife on site, I am sure that this a beaver hot-spot!~!
What exactly did you think I meant when I said "beaver"?!? lol

The first crocus in my flower bed!! Isn't it wonderful?

Sunday was gorgeous and
Amanda could not be disuaded from wearing as little as possible. But she looks so cute and had so much fun. She also found a way to wear all of her sandals and leave them on the deck! It cooled down quickly by mid-afternoon and when she finally called it a day Kerwyn carried her through the house and deposited her directly into the shower. Then when she was clean and dressed in some longer layers the two of them went out for a bike ride. Needless to say she slept well and doesn't seem to be suffering overly much from the missing hour of sleep.

Thank you all for your encouraging words - they helped.
Kyle is waging a psychological war as only a 14-year old boy can. It involves bald-faced lying almost clever subterfuge, hiding incomplete assignments camoflage drills and mouthing off testing vocabulary limits. I am fighting back with my strengths - nagging, grounding and drinking knitting. But this too shall pass, I just hope that it passes quickly enough for me to convince myself that it didn't really happen.
And speaking of knitting ...

I'm off to a great start on Kyle's Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton sweater. If meters & meters of plain black handknit fabric is not proof that I love that boy ...

I have finished the swatched for my Frolic
classes - there's a load off my mind. Now I just have to write out my teaching notes & it's all good!
As my reward for finishing the swatches, I knit this Prism scarf.
I made sure that Amanda understood that she was just modelling the scarf, not acquiring it. I felt as if it was going to be too wide if I used the whole skein, but 1/2 the skein wasn't wide enough. What's a knitter to do? Stash dive!!! I added in enough of my own yarns to be able to knit another Prism scarf. A 2fer - cool.


  1. Wow, a nice day, I am so jelous, it's raining, raining, and rainign here. It rains so much one of the highways on teh coast is dissolving.
    Imagine that, someone living in California who wish she had Canadian weather!

  2. Wasn't the weekend terrific? It was beautiful here too. There's nothing like an unseasonably warm spring day to make you feel alive again...of course, in typical Canadian fashion, spring toys with us: it's snowing today!

  3. The weekend was glorious, wasn't it? The scarf is cute! Are you sure Amanda knows it's not for keeps? LOL I have never seen a beaver tree before either (or at least I can't remember seeing one) ..

  4. I've never seen a beaver . . . and this is one of our national animals!!

    Hey, speaking of teaching . . I saw your name on the teaching list for this knitting collective thingy I'm thinking of going to.

  5. A beaver did that? Dang..... and you must have nice weather in canada. it's like 90 degrees in texas!!! Yeesh!

  6. Adele7:04 AM

    Here in northern Minnesota we have a fair amount of beaver, and you have indeed found some. If you would like a peek at them, you will have the best chance if you can go just before sunset, park close enough to watch, but not right next to the work. Turn off your engine, pick up your knitting and prepare to wait until almost dark. They are easily startled by noise or movement or camera flash. The full moon is coming on the 12th, so any clear evening may bring success. They are a wonder to behold! At this time of year there should be kits (babies) also. Suggest you bring along something hot to drink. Have fun if you try this.

  7. lu - if you look closely you will see some of the snow that we got in exchange for a nice day or two!! lol

    Matthew - yup, that's me!! Even if you're not in one of my classes I hope that we can meet if you decide to go to the Frolic.

    Adele - I may just stake them out - I would love to see a real live beaver in action. Thanks for the great tips!