Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Catching up

Whew - what a busy weekend!! Friday Amanda and I went to get our hair done at My Cousin Pam's. I don't have a picture of us, I'll try to get that tomorrow. We left early and had time to stop and take pictures of some deer that we saw. I had to use all of my 10x zoom to catch these camera-shy creatures!

Check out this great knitting bag that I bought at Delirium in Waterloo (it's also where I get my hair colour - take a guess). It's fantastic - a nice medium size, washable and reversible. There is a lined, zipped side pocket (for whatever side you have facing out) and a cute little matching change purse. For $33.99 (Cdn) I am very impressed with the quality. And the uniqueness - priceless!! Which Angry Little Girl are you?

I reworked the top of the Naturally Easy Raglan an
d am satisfied with the results. It is designed to be a men's small. I like the body length on Kyle (though Kyle thought that it was some sort of belly sweater) but the sleeves are just a titch short. I think that he may be growing into more of a medium. I am going to take the sweater into The Needle Emporium on Saturday and will confer with Julie about any little tweaks that we might work in for the final pattern, but all in all I'm much happier with it than I was when I last posted.

This picture belongs in the "Do Not Try This At Home" file. I took it at Hwy 7 & Weston Road in Woodbridge. He is from A Channel, so maybe that makes him a
playing-too-close-to-traffic professional ... I don't know. Maybe if A Channel shows how busy it is that close to the road people will use the sidewalks - the middle of the sidewalk even. Even Amanda thought that he was a little crazy.


  1. I love those Angry Girls! I've seen them before. It's awesome that you got a bag. They're so cute!

    Your son looks good in that sweater. Good luck with the touch ups.

    We interrupt this comment to bring you late-breaking news . . . Channel A camera man squished by car. His guts are lying all over highway 401.

  2. You're hilarious Matthew!!

  3. Wow, that dude is crazy, we saw a car driving slowly up Bathurst today with a camera strapped to the roof!!! Wierd people loose in ontario today.

    That sweater on Kyle is lovely, what a handsome lad he is Wannietta.

    Next time your in the 7 & weston/woodbridge area you should let me know we could meet up somewhere. I am close to yonge and 7.

    I love the bag, I just can't seem to find one that I love for myself. Knitted/felted don't seem to do the job, especially with the nature of pointy needles, ya know!

  4. What a cool bag! I love it.

    The raglan looks great. Your son is very handsome.

    That dude is going to record his own accident if he continues to do that. Crazy.

  5. What a great little knitting bag. :) I really like the sweater on Kyle, but what do I know about how a teenaged boy likes and thinks is cool? Not much. *lol*

    You should have snuck up behind the A-Channel dude and said "Didn't your mother ever teach you not to play in traffic?" What a crazy arse.

  6. The sweater looks great!!!!

    And I love those little cartoon gurls.

  7. Love the angry little girls. I'm definately the "I hate people" one ;0)

    Nice job on the v-neck! And what is it with those kids? Do they ever stop the growing thing? Guess my 2-3 day Julian sweater days are counted eh?

    Have a great week-end!