Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Baby Reveal

So the kids came up last weekend (even though Kyle and I were still feeling poorly), and we had dinner and had the DQ gender reveal cake. Little Amin was at his maternal grandparents, so I didn’t get to meet him. 

Have I mentioned how much I wanted a girl? If I had to guess, I’d guess boy. Mahsa looks so lovely, and just the way she’s carrying the wee Bean, that was my inclination. Though maybe I didn’t want to dare hope too much for a girl, so I was psyching up for a grandson. 

So we went from this 

to this 
SQUEEEEEEEE!!! Wee little Ramina is due to bless our lives with her arrival on July 8th. I have so many little projects that I want to start knitting, but I still have deadline knitting and a secular job. I also want to not neglect my Nana obligations to Amin. He’s gonna need yarny hugs too 🤗  I need a time turner!!! 

I am almost done the back section of my Veronika Cardigan  This is great incentive to really power through tonight and get a lot of knitting done on my day off tomorrow! It’s so big now that pictures are pretty useless at conveying its shape and size. 

See? It looks like a lap throw 🙄 I’m still pleased with the blending of the skeins. 

Ok ... more knitting than waking hours in a day, so I best get back to it!! 

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