Tuesday, February 27, 2018

I’ll Blame the Cold

I felt the niggling in my throat last night , and even though I jumped straight in to the oil of oregano, I woke up with a for real sore throat, along with all of the other symptoms of The Dreaded Lurgy. 
I am in general a fan of the old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. I’ve managed to dodge the plague at work, but now that it has hit me, I’m hitting back with a heavy pound of curing!!
I continue with oil of oregano, Cold FX, Vitamin C. I am deliberately upping my water intake, and fortunately I had some beef soup the freezer. I added some tortellini to is as I don’t skimp on carbs when my body needs recovery fuel.
I was fortunate that Veronica could and did cover my afternoon shift so that I could come home and nap.Through a fortunate meeting today, tomorrow could well be an easy day as well. 

The Dreaded Lurgy settling upon me last night can be the only reason that I made the following error.

I have knit the cardigan so far without missing the return knit row that forms the purl bump on the Right Side. I totally missed it last night and now I’m fixing it one stitch at a time as I work this row across. Slow, but I’m my head it’s faster than ripping out and re-knitting.  

If I can manage to sort this one row out, I’ll be happy with my progress today. I’m definelty for bed early tonight!! 

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